Woman says Monroe Company has allowed racism and sexual harassment


A black woman says her name was the n-word and was even face to face with a swastika, which the company said it would not remove because “it’s a symbol of peace in the world. ancient times”.

Alicia Harrell is suing Shunli Steel in Monroe County and has hired civil rights attorney Jon Marko to file a lawsuit. He said on Tuesday he was stunned by the things she faced while working for the steel company.

“It is one of the most heinous and offensive forms of discrimination that I have seen,” he said. “She was the victim of horrible racial harassment from her colleagues.”

Marko says his client started working in the factory in September 2019 and was one of the only African Americans to work in the factory. He said she was the only woman of color. During this time, he said she was subjected to offensive treatment from her colleagues.

“It was called quote – the maid, a certified mop pusher, was called the n word”,

Marko says she found a sticker that was left for him saying “Certified Creek Pusher” and a note on his car.

“He said ‘come home n-word b ***** – we don’t want you here,” “said Marko.

He said the harassment extended to his indoor workspace as well.

“Has been branded a monkey and had degrading racist images drawn in her workspace,” Marko said. “She had a swastika … drawn in her workspace too.”

Marko says Herrell complained to management, but he was eventually told they couldn’t substantiate the allegations of racist, sexist abuse and harassment. In fact, he says, their response only made matters worse.

“The management informed her that they were not going to do anything about it and in fact they said – look at that swastika is not that bad – it is a symbol of peace in the olden days,” he said. said Marko.

In August 2020, she quit her job after less than a year. Now she has filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court, which includes complaints of hostile work environment, racial discrimination, sex discrimination and implied discharge in violation of Michigan’s Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act. .

Marko calls this blatant racism – and a blatant attempt to justify it.

“You would expect this stuff to happen in Nazi Germany under the Third Reich – you wouldn’t expect it to happen at someone’s workplace in Michigan in 2021” , said Marko.

FOX 2 has reached out to Shunli Steel for comment on the lawsuit. We have not received a response.

Woman says she got this note that says “Come home n-word b ***** – we don’t want you here”, a sticker that says “certified broom pusher”, and a drawing rude of a monkey.

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