Why X-Men’s Storm Should Have Gotten Its Own Movie

Arguably, the most underused character in the set x-men the live action canon is Ororo Munroe aka Storm. At the very least Jean’s lover (Cyclops) gets a bow and the other central characters get something decent to do, but Storm in the x-men the movies are just… there. She mainly uses her powers and not much else. Naturally, it’s nearly impossible to focus on every mutant featured in live-action movies; however, one of the movies’ biggest failings is that the X-Men team dynamic isn’t really explored. Much like Rogue, Logan, or Cyclops, there’s so much potential for Storm’s character that it sucks that she’s on the sidelines most of the time. It’s more insulting that an Oscar-winning actress has no meat to chew.

Munroe is one of the original X-Men who got his start in the Giant-Size X-Men #1 May 1975 issue. Storm is a scion of an ancient line of African priestesses who all have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Like many heroes, Storm has a tragic story regarding her parents, with the original version stating that her mother and father were killed in a bombing in an Arab-Israeli conflict after a plane crashed into their House. If you’ve never read any of the comics (or animated shows), you wouldn’t know anything about the character’s origins. Storm’s origins are barely explained in the movies. Her psyche isn’t much focused, and there’s no reason why or how she became one of Charles Xavier’s school teachers for the gifted. Munroe has a truly unique backstory that can go in many directions if done right. To explore the culture and history of magic of the X-Men, you can tap into an unseen world of x-men universe and animate a place that has been protected due to the constant focus on Wolverine, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, and Magneto. More importantly, it shines a light on a different culture rarely seen in superhero movies. The success of Black Panther isn’t because we’re finally focusing on a black comic book hero, but because we’re being introduced to a world that’s outside of the traditional comic book world.

I don’t mean to play politics, but introducing more diverse characters can really liven up the superhero market and expand a universe that often feels closed. guardians of the galaxy became a hit because there was something exciting and fresh about following the adventures of a sarcastic raccoon and a talking tree. dead Pool introduces a grittier, darker landscape with a protagonist whose moral code doesn’t follow others in Marvel or DC live-action movies. FX Legion expanded on the X-Men world by focusing on a small character that allowed the series to get extremely intimate with its source material and show just how bold, quirky, and weird the world of X-Men can be. Ororo Munroe’s story has a chance to shake up the superhero genre and create something daring unlike anything seen in the world of Marvel. That’s why it’s so frustrating that an Oscar winner was cast in a role that didn’t require much in terms of depth or character development. In fact, if you took Storm out of the live-action movies, her absence wouldn’t affect the movies much. Sure, she has some important moments, but nothing in the vein of saving the world from the Dark Phoenix or trying to recruit a misguided and dangerously powerful mutant to the team. Monroe isn’t an interesting character because of her powers themselves. Any normal human being can shoot thunder from their fingertips. It’s the fact that she comes from a family immersed in the world of magic and her life in Cairo, Egypt, including as an orphan following the death of her parents.

There will be another X-Men film, the only question is when. Hopefully the next generation of films will focus more on the team dynamics of the X-Men instead of picking a single character to just focus on. Granted, the likelihood of going deeper into the story of Storm or any X-Men character is slim, but it will at least change the approach of previous live-action movies. Storm deserves better, and it’s a shame Fox hasn’t really made the most of her full roster of mutants. She’s just one of the underdeveloped heroes that wasn’t used properly in the x-men canon, but I hope there will be an extension of the x-men universe with the original mutant being one of the focal points.

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