Why Ana De Armas’ New Movie Dying With Critics Won’t Hurt Her Future

Ana de Armas’ new Hulu movie Deep Water may have received largely negative reviews, but that won’t hurt the action star’s future career.

The new film by Ana de Armas, deep waters, bombarded with criticism, but it will not have a bad impact on the future career of the actress. After transitioning to Hollywood in 2015, Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas quickly made a name for herself starring in several hit blockbusters. Following her well-received appearance in Blade Runner 2049 as Joi, de Armas gradually grew to have bigger and bigger roles, as evidenced by her widely acclaimed roles as Marta Cabrera in Knives out and Paloma in James Bond no time to die.

However, after riding a hot streak with great films and career-uplifting parts, Ana de Armas’ debut film of 2022 opened to mostly negative reviews from critics. Currently, Hulu deep waters sits at 37% of critics and 22% of audiences on Rotten Tomatoes — a poor response on both fronts for de Armas, whose other major films float 83-97% on the site. It seems even Disney suspected deep watersThe script couldn’t be saved by its main stars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, as the 2022 erotic psychological thriller was pulled from the studio’s theatrical releases at the last minute in favor of an exclusive streaming premiere. .


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While deep waters was buried by Disney and panned by critics and audiences alike, the film had at least some positive qualities, many of which relate to Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck. In a film originally slated to become a much bigger hit, de Armas successfully plays a character who deviates significantly from her typical roles, proving that as she becomes a bigger and more important name in Hollywood, she has a wider acting range that will benefit her in the future. deep watersAna de Armas’ poor reviews might have signaled a hint of concern for the actress, but Ana de Armas’ upcoming films and her established position in Hollywood prove that her career won’t take a hit.

Why Deep Water Reviews Are So Bad

Deep Water why the reviews are so bad

The crux of the matter with the movie starring Ana de Armas deep waters is the film’s lackluster script and rushed final act. Many critics have pointed out that compared to director Adrian Lyne’s past erotic thrillers like Fatal attraction, deep watersThe action and conflict seemed tame, with some pointing to the idea that Affleck and de Armas didn’t have enough on-screen chemistry. The reviews for deep waters barely falling on Ana de Armas or Ben Affleck, with the narrative and plot devices being the biggest obstacle to the thriller’s success. Along with the note that deep waters seemed to miss a few key scenes to reveal the characters’ motivations or true feelings for each other, the film’s conclusion remains unsatisfying due to its abrupt ending and twist. Considering deep watersReviews were overwhelmingly negative, with critics largely agreeing that a straight-to-stream release was the right move.

Ana De Armas’ Upcoming Movies Are All Way More Exciting Than Deep Water

Ana de Armas next big movie already controversial blonde marilyn monroe

Given the list of great upcoming movies that Ana de Armas has on her plate, deep waters bombarding with criticism should be the least of his worries. On the contrary, a streaming movie that Disney has buried shouldn’t weigh on its future prospects, as audiences are far more concerned about its portrayal of iconic actress and model Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film. Blond. While her role as Marilyn Monroe is already proving controversial, her performance in the 2022 biopic directed by Andrew Dominik will be the subject of far more buzz than deep waters.

Playing Marilyn Monroe in Blond is arguably the most significant role Ana de Armas has played so far in her career, as the depiction of such an iconic historical figure in pop culture is likely to be the subject of responses. the most critical. Additionally, Blond is about to be released on Netflix, which usually reaches a much wider audience than deep watersHulu’s streaming service. By virtue of being a biopic drama, Blond may also be Ana de Armas’ best chance to receive prestigious awards in 2023, which further reinforces the idea that BlondThe reception of carries the most weight of any film on its recent slate of projects.

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Before BlondAna de Armas set to star in 2022 action thriller The gray manwho will see her reunite with her Blade Runner 2049 co-star Ryan Gosling. The role of De Armas in The gray man is also highly anticipated as the film is a spy thriller, which means the actress can bring back her action and stunt work that audiences praised after her James Bond adventure in 2021. By replacing Scarlett Johansson in the next Apple TV+ movie Phantomde Armas also finds her Knives out costar Chris Evans in the 2022 filming project, which takes the actress into new waters with the romantic action-adventure genre. Of all the 2022 films that Ana de Armas is directing, deep waters was arguably the least expected, thus having the lowest stakes for his career thereafter.

Why Deep Water Critics Won’t Affect Ana De Armas’ Future At All

Ana de Armas in deep water

following no time to die, Ana de Armas has cemented her position within Hollywood as one of the most sought-after actresses for major projects. With many in deep waters with fairly low expectations following her notable move from cinema to streaming, it looks like the film’s poor reviews are just a blow to her career, with the actress having much bigger roles to come that outweigh deep watersthe reception. Considering deep waters was filmed all the way back in 2019, and she continued to receive many high-profile film roles and opportunities thereafter, it seems other directors are also convinced that Hulu’s poor reception of 2022’s film has no bearing on its future opportunities or ability to reach audiences. Audiences and critics should look out for Ana de Armas’ upcoming films in 2022, like Blond rather than deep watersas more meaningful indicators of the future trajectory of his career.

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