Who is in the movie on Netflix?

Countdown was released on Netflix on February 1, and it’s the movie everyone watches according to the movies section of the top 10 list. The horror flick takes the eighth spot, and it’s no surprise viewers are tuning in.

The Netflix movie has a premise that will instantly grab your attention and make you want to watch it. Then, when you find out who is in the cast, you are immediately convinced!

Countdown centers around a nurse who downloads a mobile app that claims to predict how long a user has left to live. When the nurse discovers that she only has three days left to live, she must find a way to beat the clock and change her destiny.

Based on the plot, the horror movie is definitely worth watching. But wait until you find out who is part of the incredible cast. Keep reading because we have shared the Countdown sunk just below.

Who is part of the cast of Countdown?

You’s Elizabeth Lail leads the cast as Quinn Harris, a graduate nurse who tries to find a way to end the app. RiverdaleJordan Calloway plays Matt Monroe, a young man Quinn meets at a phone store and teams up with. He is also Quinn’s love interest. Finally, you have Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris, Quinn’s younger sister, who joins Quinn and Matt on their mission.

The full cast list is provided below:

  • Elizabeth Lail as Quinn Harris
  • Jordan Calloway as Matt Monroe
  • Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris
  • Tichina Arnold as Nurse Amy
  • PJ Byrne as Father John
  • Peter Facinelli as Dr. Sullivan
  • Anne Winters as Courtney
  • Matt Letscher as Charlie Harris
  • Dillon Lane as Evan
  • Tom Segura as Derek
  • Charlie McDermott as Scott
  • Christina Pazsitzky as Krissy
  • Jeannie Elise May as Allie
  • Marisela Zumbado as Kate

Check out the thrilling official trailer for Countdown below!

Will Quinn beat time and change her destiny or will it be too late? Find out by watching Countdown on Netflix.

Make sure you have your popcorn and drink of choice because this supernatural horror movie is going to be good!

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