What makes it follow such a popular and enduring horror film?

In 2014, It follows came out and horror fans learned the incredible story of Jay (Maika Monroe), a teenage girl who sleeps with her boyfriend and is stalked by a supernatural figure/monster/presence. Audiences and critics alike went wild for the film, talking about how the monster is a clever metaphor for an STD as the teenage characters pass the monster to each other every time they have sex.

A story of teens having sex can sound like an after-school special or an episode of a cheesy teen show. It follows has nothing to do with it and is smart and scary, two qualities that will make any horror movie stand out. It follows might just be the most popular horror movie ever made because it’s rare to hear anything negative about this inventive film.


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There are underrated teen horror movies and then there are It follows, which is the opposite of underestimated. Although there are many classic movies that people love, Halloween for Misery for the brilliant and Yell, It follows might just be the most popular modern horror movie made in the last decade. Asked by Vulture, director David Robert Mitchell shared that they would consider making a second film and they mentioned how much the audience enjoyed the film: “It seems the response has been very strong at this point, but any details [about sequels]- that, I cannot say. I have a lot of different types of projects in a lot of different genres, so I don’t know if a sequel would be the next thing I would do, but I’m definitely open to it.” While fans would be thrilled with a sequel of It followsthe film definitely stands out and can be watched multiple times as there will always be new meaning found in it.

Jay (Maika Monroe) sitting on a chair looking scared in It Follows

There are many Reddit threads devoted to how much people love It follows and the story really resonated with viewers, perhaps even more so than many other recent horror films. There seem to be two main reasons why the movie is so well-loved: the premise and the tone. Even though the premise might seem pretty wild and outlandish, the movie manages to convince audiences that a monster passed from person to person through sex could actually happen. It’s not as hard to believe as some horror movie premises. As Maika Monroe said geek lair in an interview, the idea sounded weird on the page but she was intrigued: “I really thought it was pretty scary, but I also thought the plot was very, very weird. I didn’t know how that would translate in a movie. But when I saw David’s previous movie, The myth of the American pajama party, it made sense to me.” The characters take what’s going on seriously, and because they’re thoughtful and careful, that changes the whole movie for the better.

The tone of It follows truly unlike anything horror movie fans have seen before. There are incredible scary movies about the supernatural, from haunted house movies to stories about creatures and monsters. In It follows, the monster only appears after the characters have had sex, and the film excels at showing how something is stalking the characters. It’s almost as if the viewer were looking over their shoulder, they would see a strange figure. Since It follows is an artistic and well-made indie film, the premise doesn’t seem confusing, but it could be campy if a less talented filmmaker had made it. As the film is calm, beautiful and intelligent, the mood works. It is full of atmospheric scenes that allow the viewer to interpret what is happening.

Jay (Maika Monroe) standing in the hallway of her high school in It Follows

The release of It follows is really cool to hear about. According to Weekly entertainment, RADiUS had three ways to release the film. They could release the film in a few theaters and then do VOD. They could release the movie in 600 theaters and wait about three months for VOD. Or they could do a “limited” release and then add the movie to more theaters. Because A24 has done so well to come out spring breakers this third way is what Jason Janego and Tom Quinn, the co-presidents of RADiUS, decided to do. The film earned $3.8 million at the box office. According to Independent wire, It follows had a budget of $1.3 million and earned 15 times as much. The film was at the Cannes Film Festival, RADiUS bought it, then it did very well.

While there are always fantastic new horror movies that take on tropes, and there are some exciting 2022 horror movies to come, It follows remains an incredibly popular, creative and impressive film.

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