West Monroe company helps Covington recover from Hurricane Ida


MONROE, Louisiana (KNOE) – Some communities affected by Hurricane Ida are still trying to recover. A West Monroe logging company is in the community of Covington to help clean up the devastation. Hurricane Ida left the picturesque historic town of Covington unrecognizable to West Monroe resident Chad Wood.

“Honestly, it was like driving in a war zone. I mean, it looked like an F1 tornado had swept the whole place, ”he said.

Wood says he and some of his employees worked 28 straight days cleaning up debris and trees, and some days consisted of 14-hour shifts.

“The emergency phase is sort of over,” said Wood.

He says residential areas look better now, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

“There is still a huge need there for a lot of other things. Trees around the golf course, trees around the boat launch. There are still several trees around the property and things that will still need to be cleaned, ”he said.

Wood says he promised a friend of his that he would work until everything was clean. Currently, he and his employees are taking a two-week break, but they are preparing to return to finish the job.

“I will be ready, me, my men, my crew, my equipment will be all ready and ready to stay 28 days if we have to stay 28 more, that’s what we will do. All it takes to get the Louisiana residence taken care of is what we’ll do, ”said Wood.

He says it is a sad situation because some areas are demolished and far from the thriving destination city that it is known to be, but he says he is extending his service in every way possible.

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