Video: West African music, dance at Summer Fun Days Camp

MONROE, CT — Abdou Sarr, 35, wore his colorful house jacket while teaching children drum and dance moves in the Wolfe Park concert area Friday morning.

Sarr, a native of Senegal in West Africa, who moved to the United States in 2007 and lives in Wendell, Mass., visits schools and libraries, where he shares stories from his homeland and imparts life lessons , like sharing.

“It’s good to do what you love to do,” Sarr said.

Summer Fun Days Campers and staff learned how to dance and play the drums when Abdou Sarr visited them at Wolfe Park on Friday morning.

On Friday, Sarr told the kids he didn’t grow up with toys, so he had fun learning the art and dancing with his mom. She also taught Sarr how to make clothes, and he makes jewelry out of wood shavings. He trades his wares with friends for hollowed-out wooden and goatskin drums.

As a boy, rather than deciding what he wanted for breakfast, Sarr would eat whatever was offered to him and then head to school, where there was no cafeteria – and a long queue to go to the toilet.

“I am a good fisherman. I swim really well. My father taught me,” Sarr told his audience, adding that he was also good at football.

He performed during the weekly Summer Fun Days: Legends of Great Hollow theme, which featured stories, hikes, and plays. Parks and Recreation Director Missy Orosz said the kids are also doing trail mix.

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