UPG Enterprises acquires electrical engineering solutions company Orchid Monroe


MONROE, Wis., August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UPG Enterprises LLC, through its Electrical Steel Division, has acquired Orchid Monroe, LLC, a leading manufacturer of electrical steel laminations and complete rotor and stator cores for motors and generators. electrical. Using state-of-the-art engineering, Orchid’s in-house manufacturing and tooling can produce, design, prototype, slit, stamp, anneal, die-cast, robot-weld, finish and test electrical steel.

“Today’s announcement is another step in UPG’s commitment to investing in the rapidly growing electrical steel market. Orchid’s unique engineering capabilities enable our immediate expansion into rotor, stator, transformer and electric vehicle. electrical steel engineering solutions continues, I am excited about the synergies and new offerings we can support in the immediate future,” said Jeffrey Dwyer (General Manager, UPG).

“Today’s news is an exciting new chapter for the team at Orchid Monroe. They have worked together over the past 2 years and changed the way customer value is delivered, and I am personally proud of the transformation achieved. UPG’s scale and commitment will drive Orchid into the future for expanded growth opportunities. It’s a perfect match for the future,” said Jean Vassilaros (President, Orchid Monroe, LLC).

“Orchid prides itself on delivering value to customers from its factory in Monroe, Wisconsin. Today’s announcement to join UPG’s organization ensures that his legacy will continue for many years to come. I am very proud of what the Orchid team has accomplished and thank them for their dedication to our mission,” said Hayes Bryant (President of Orchid Monroe, LLC).

Orchid is a leading supplier of value added components using lamellae as a base product to provide customers with highly engineered and precision stamped electrical steel lamellae used for the core of electric motors, transformers and generators. With a dedicated in-house team of engineers, Orchid’s strong knowledge of technical processes, focus on quality, production expertise and dedicated customer support have made it a leader in engineering solutions. electric steel.

For more information on Orchid visit www.orchidinternational.com.

About UPG Enterprises LLC

UPG Enterprises LLC is an operator of a diverse set of industrial businesses focused on metals, manufacturing, distribution and logistics. With 26 locations across North America, its operations continue to grow with the intention of building a business based on culture, respect and growth. To learn more, visit www.upg.com.


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