These Are The Strongest X-Men Characters In The Franchise’s Movie History

x-men is a superhero franchise that follows the lives of mutants who use their powers for good. Based on the classic Stan Lee comics, first published in 1963, the first x-men The film was released in 2001, launching a catalog of beloved films over the next two decades. Globally, The X-Men The comic book franchise has spanned almost six decades, starting with comic books and moving on to other forms of media, from movies to TV shows and even video games on many consoles. While the last film in the franchise was that of 2019 X-Men: Dark Phoenixthe most recent trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness apparently brought Professor X – and, by extension, mutants – into the fold of the MCU, something fans have been hoping for since news of Disney’s purchase of 21s Century Fox (the studio that owns the rights to x-men characters).

Among many things, the x-men The franchise is best known for its diverse lineup of characters and powers. From Jean Grey’s telekinesis to Magneto’s ability to manipulate metal, the x-menMutants are full of powerful characters. That said, not all powers are created equal and some mutants are naturally much more powerful than others. With Mutants about to make their big-screen return to the MCU, it’s time to take a closer look at the strongest x-men characters from the franchise’s cinematic history.

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8 Negasonic Teen Warhead / Ellie

Deadpool will present the new mutants?

Negasonic Teenage Warhead, known for her badass name voiced by Deadpool in dead Pool, has the ability to generate explosions from the force generated in his body, some strong enough to destroy a ground-based Helicarrier. On top of that, she also has a superhuman level of speed, strength, and reflexes and even the ability to warp reality. Although she is a relatively new addition to the x-men franchise, she has power comparable to some veteran X-Men like Storm.

7 X-23 / Laura Kinney

Make an appearance in Logan is Laura or X-23, a clone of Logan created by Sarah Kinney who named the daughter Laura as part of the Transigen project. Laura was trained to be a weapon, having only two adamantium claws in each hand instead of three like Logan. She also has a claw in each foot. Despite her young age, Laura’s power is comparable to Logan’s as she manages to fight many enemies without help. Despite this, Laura is still a kid and still wants what kids want: fun clothes and cool sunglasses. While many would like to see a return of Laura, there was no talk of a spin-off.

6 Mystic / Crow Darkholme

Raven, who goes by Mystique, is one of the unique mutants in the x-men universe. Not only is it visibly clear that she is a mutant, but in X-Men: First Class we see how hard Raven works to maintain a “normal” appearance, even though it’s exhausting for her. Mystique’s ability to transform into anyone makes her perfectly as dangerous as Magneto, as she manages to trick her victims into doing things of their own free will rather than by force. Played by Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique is an essential character when you think of the x-men franchise.

5 Magneto / Erik Lensherr

After facing harsh Nazi cruelty in war-torn Germany and seeing his mother killed before his eyes, Erik Lensherr learned how his power could be sharpened by strong emotions. Magneto has the ability to manipulate all forms of magnetism, making him a particularly dangerous opponent for Wolverine, in particular, as Magneto is able to control Wolverine’s entire adamantium-laced body. His powers seem limitless as not only can he manipulate metal, but he can also send out EMPs, force fields, and even turn off electronics. While Magneto’s intentions were initially pure, they eventually turned into a hatred of humanity for his history of mutant abuse.

4 Wolverine / Logan

Wolverine X-Men
By: GQ

The only hero on this list to be played by a single actor, Hugh Jackman, Logan AKA Wolverine is a mutant born with excess bones in his hands sticking out like claws, which were later modified with grafted adamantium to his bones to turn him into a weapon. Logan was born in 1832, but his aging seems nonexistent; he’s over 180, but he doesn’t look physically older than his thirties in Logan, largely due to his regenerative abilities which slow his body’s natural aging and heal any wounds inflicted upon him. While Logan initially showed no interest in being part of the X-Men, he eventually relented, realizing he could do more good with them. Wolverine makes his final fight in Logan; after so long, the adamantium has finally exhausted its ability to heal, and after completing its final mission, it succumbs to poisoning.

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3 Storm / Ororo Monroe

20th century fox

Storm, also known as Ororo Monroe and known for her white hair, is able to control the weather. Storm is a massively overlooked character as her powers are legendary, able to blow anyone away with the storms she brings. In the comics, Storm also had a relationship with Black Panther until the two joined the X-Men and the Avengers respectively, which can be revealed in black panther 2. The storm meets an unfortunate end in X-Men: days of future past stabbed by a sentry and thrown off a cliff. Of course, with the success of their mission, this timeline is avoided entirely, and she is last seen alive and teaching at the Xavier Institute.

2 Phoenix / Jean Gray

Dark Phoenix Finale Trailer Has Jean Gray Losing Total Control

Phoenix, also known as Jean Grey, is a powerful telepath whose telekinetic powers were so strong that Professor X was forced to put psychic dampers in her mind to help control her dark side so that she does not hurt himself or others. Jean succumbs to the Phoenix Force, the power of creation and life itself, after a near-death experience, amplifying her power tenfold and turning her dark.

1 Professor X / Charles Francis Xavier

Played by Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy respectively, Professor Charles Francis Xavier, or simply Professor X, is arguably the most powerful of all the X-Men in the entire franchise. Professor X is an exceptionally powerful telepath who can read and control the minds of others around him. While Professor X only uses his powers for good, his power is so strong that it is even considered quite dangerous to use. Professor X is also the founder and leader of the X-Men and the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters where he housed and taught mutants to hone and control their powers. Professor X is also known for his longtime feud with Magneto who he was once friends with. Professor X apparently meets his unfortunate end in Logan, killed by Logan’s X-24 clone. That said, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to have brought his character back in a trailer that features The Illuminati for the first time in the MCU.

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