The Weird Movie Cole Sprouse Said Inspired Riverdale

Just as important as the homage, “Riverdale” would be nowhere without its atmosphere. Familiar places like Pops have a retro vibe, but teens are also exposed to technology like cell phones. The decision to make the period more abstract was hugely helpful, as Cole Sprouse noted on a Reddit AMA.

“‘Riverdale’ does not have an official or announced period at this time. [A]And with the amount of money we spend on atmospheric fog, the setting is supposed to look like a dream,” Sprouse explained. Golden”. this aesthetic is also present in the highly acclaimed horror film “It Follows”, to which Sprouse replied, “one of the films used in our summaries”.

The 2014 film predates Jason Blossom’s death by a few years and is even more aggressive in its portrayal of a fluid time. With no cell phones or modern technology in sight, “It Follows” depicts its protagonist, Jay (Maika Monroe), being followed by a disturbing entity after having sex with her new boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary). The only way to get rid of it is to have sex with someone else and pass on the disturbing ghoul. The lack of technology increases the suspense, which makes communication between the characters more difficult. However, there was another important reason why filmmaker David Robert Mitchell used an abstract period for the film.

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