The Mob movie shot in Monroe stars local actor Joey Ambrosini


MONROE, CT — Monroe native Joey Ambrosini continues to build on his acting resume. In his latest film, Ambrosini stars in “The Jackpot Hit,” a crime thriller about two crooks who team up for a big score. The duo hatch a dangerous plan to shut down the local mob’s card game.

The film, which is slated to premiere on YouTube on May 13, 2022, is currently in post-production. There was a day of filming in North Haven, but most of the film was shot right here in Monroe.

“For me, shooting this movie in Monroe was a unique feeling,” Ambrosini said. “I put a lot of time and dedication into creating this story and playing my character, which makes this project very special to me – and Monroe, being the town I grew up in, will always have a special place in my heart, so pursuing my passion in my hometown is like no other.

Ambrosini, whose credits include writer and producer, stars as Billy.

“My character, Billy, is very bold but very arrogant,” he said. “I think he’s kind of conflicted as the movie goes on, because he’s trying to do a million things at once to accomplish this mission, which forces him to motivate his partner and come across as that guy that you should fear. ”

The cast of “The Jackpot Hit” includes another notable figure in Monroe. Tony Spera, the son-in-law of famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren and himself a paranormal researcher, stars as Raymond.

“My character, Raymond, was the mob boss – a really cool guy,” Spera said. “It was a tough game, only because I know ‘the crowd’ doesn’t exist. Understand?”

Along with acting, Spera is preparing for “Warren’s Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon”, an event for people to view haunted artifacts. It is scheduled for October 29 at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. For tickets, click here.

Rounding out the cast of “The Jackpot Hit,” Keont’e Collins (“Massacre Manor”) as Jacolby, David Torres Jr. (“Hocus Pocus 2”) as Gussy, Tommy Fury (“The Harvard Psychologist”) as Carlo, Chris Baldyga (“Mr. Birthday”) as Chuck, Halle Curley (“Black Vulture”) as Desiree, Adriana Medina (“Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death”) as Maria, Tony Grano (world championship boxing legend) as Sal, Alessandro Molluzzo (“The Bitterman”) as Vincenzo, Eric Morin (“Burial Ground Massacre”) as Bruce, Steve Galluzzi as Jack and John Bellonio as Angelo.

“Being Jacolby was an action-packed experience,” Collins said. “I was also able to be behind the camera.”

The film is directed by Michael Giovannini (“Pay Day”) and the distributor is Giovannini Productions. The production company is Gruemonkey.

Tony Spera plays mob boss Raymond in the new movie ‘The Jackpot Hit’.

“It was a great experience directing ‘The Jackpot Hit’,” said Giovannini. “I’ve learned so much over the past two months and I’m very excited for the final product. This is just the beginning for me and I’m extremely confident that this film will raise the bar I’ve set for myself as a filmmaker.

Samonek said, “Honestly, producing this movie was awesome! Everyone here has been very nice. Michael Giovannini made sure the film days went really well with the help of Joey Ambrosini as well.

“Everyone on set really showed me they were going somewhere,” he said. “They’re very passionate about what they do and are really going to move forward in the film industry in a way that’s never been seen before. I just can’t wait for this to come out.

Casting Backgrounds

Halle Curley has been attached for roles in numerous projects such as ‘Breakup Alli’, ‘The White Queens Army’ and ‘Witches of the Hollow’, all Carly Starr productions.

Adriana Medina should play a role in “The Port” by Joel Roman, based on real events.

David Torres Jr. has roles in many upcoming projects slated for release. Two of them are also in the detective genre. He plays Stefano “Smooth” Esposito in Joseph McGee’s “Tony Martone”, which premieres July 8, 2022. He also plays Nicky B. in Robert Curreri’s “Cadillac: A Mobster Fairy Tale” whose release date will be soon determined.

Since first appearing as a casino patron in the 2018 movie “Vault,” Ambrosini has been actively building his acting resume. He starred as one of Santa’s elves in 2019’s ‘My Adventures with Santa Claus’, before landing his first feature film role as Perry in ‘Burial Ground Massacre’ last year. .

This year, Ambrosini reprized the role of Perry in the Burial Ground Massacre sequel Damon’s Revenge. Other recent film credits include roles in “Drowning in Secrets” and “Junkyard Dogs” and Ambrosini is involved in seven films in pre- and post-production.

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