SchoolMint, an Educational Software Technology Company Expands into Bigger Space Near Downtown Lafayette – Expand Lafayette

SchoolMintan educational software technology company previously headquartered in California, now based inside the Waitr Building at 214 Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette, is expanding into a larger facility in the Fightingville district of 319 Monroe Street near downtown Lafayette.

The Cali company exited in the summer of 2020 to relocate from Silicon Valley to “Silicon Bayou,” as some call the southern Louisiana region. SchoolMint’s core product includes software focused on strategic enrollment management and positive behavior for K-12 education. Since moving, they have been occupying temporary space while evaluating permanent headquarters options to expand the business. Currently, the company‘s workforce continues to grow with 70 people currently employed and plans to hire approximately 100 by the end of the year.

“We were very attached to the historic downtown and were looking for the right location to become a national showcase for our business,” said SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald. “We visited many places, but were particularly impressed with the area that LPTFA has transformed into a technology, arts and media campus. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to occupy this historic location and transform it into a world-class technology facility with the support and commitment of LPTFA.

“It will be a state-of-the-art facility with a modernized local feel for today.”

SchoolMint’s future headquarters was first built by longtime Lafayette entrepreneur Horace Rickey, Sr. in the 1950s. The renovation will preserve the character of the original warehouse, including two large ceiling cranes that will remain intact.

The press release provided to us late last night indicates that Lafayette-based architectural firm ACSW has been engaged to support the project. ACSW is also a downtown company with a rich 40-year history of designing award-winning facilities in the Lafayette area, including UL Lafayette Moore Park at ML “Tigue” Moore Field, Southside High School and the City Club at River Ranch. Co-founder Eric Crozier said, “We look forward to working with SchoolMint and LPTFA to create a world-class technology center and breathe new life into the historic warehouse site. — See the full press release (here).

Construction of the project began in 2021 by LPTFA with the aim of bidding for the remainder of the project construction related to SchoolMint’s interior improvements around the start of the second quarter. Construction timelines are still being finalized, but SchoolMint hopes to occupy the newly renovated space by the end of 2022.

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