Reminder: Monroe schools will switch to mask optional to start 2022

MONROE — The Monroe School District has released its updated COVID-19 plan for the remainder of the school year.

The published plan will remain active — and no stricter measures are implemented — unless the 3-day rolling average for positive student cases is at or below 50 district-wide, according to the District officials Once the two-week rolling average for positive student cases drops below 35, the district reverts to the default plan.

Here are the highlights of this plan:

● Masks will be optional, but strongly recommended for all students in all schools

● Masks are mandatory on a school bus (federal requirement)

● Contact tracing will be done for all positive cases that are determined to be infectious while at school

● Exposure notification will be provided to families on an individual basis

● Quarantine required for COVID-positive people (10 days after symptom onset AND fever-free for 24 hours as other symptoms improve)

● Quarantine for people within 6 feet of a COVID-positive person for 15 minutes or more inside school facilities (no quarantine for outdoors)

● Quarantines for household contacts, as ordered by the Green County Health Department

● No whole class quarantine unless a localized breakout is evident

● No quarantine for fully vaccinated people

● No quarantine for people wearing a mask during the planned exposure time

The district is also implementing a “Test-to-Stay program”:

● Available to ALL students identified as a close contact subject to quarantine

● Individuals will be required to wear a mask until day 7 of participation in this program

● For more information, go to

The plan and the intensified plan, if necessary, are designed to “recognize (the school board‘s) desire to implement a mask-only protocol,” officials said. The district also detailed its enhanced plan in the event of an increase in the number of positive cases.

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