Music Sector Headlines, May 26, 2022

How the lockdown helped Marianas Trench singer-songwriter Josh Ramsay pursue his solo recording dream

The Marianas Trench singer and songwriter recently released his 18-track debut solo album, “The Josh Ramsay Show,” on which he plays all instruments except strings. -Nick Krewen Toronto Star

Crystal Shawanda shares her skyrocketing move from country music to Midnight Blues

When Crystal Shawanda made the decision to switch from country music to blues, it didn’t sit well with a few fans. The 38-year-old singer-songwriter from Wiikwemkoong First Nation in Ontario isn’t particularly keen on currying favor with closed-minded listeners. –Tom Murray, Edmonton newspaper

John Derringer co-hosts allege abusive behind-the-scenes behavior on Q107

One of the women who came forward said she was given “Derringer money” so she wouldn’t complain. –Kevin Donovan and Alex Boyd, Toronto Star

Say hello to Cola, say goodbye to Ought

We spoke to Tim Darcy, Ben Stidworthy and Evan Cartwright about the road to the new Montreal trio’s debut album, Deep In View. -Pat King Dough

Toronto singer-songwriter Tess Parks finds her way back

She sought refuge during the pandemic “by drawing dots and deciding what to do with my life”, before finally resolving to complete what would become the album “And those who saw themselves dancing” released on May 20. -Ben Rayner Toronto Star

Bonnie Raitt gives the Bros. Landreth something to say

The Winnipeg brothers are opening a tour in Hamilton on June 3 after receiving a big boost from several Grammy-winning singers, writes Graham Rockingham. – Hamilton Spectator

Composer Nicole Lizée’s approach to opera is as classical as it gets

Don’t let the bots fool you. When it comes to writing her first long opera, composer Nicole Lizée’s approach is almost classic. This month, Lizée, 49, will attend the world premiere of RUR A Torrent of Light, which marks an exciting milestone in the history of opera in Canada: a large-scale science fiction opera. Who better than Lizée to write the score for an opera on artificial intelligence set in 2042? – Jenna Simeonov, Globe and Mail

‘Work kept me sane’: How some Stratford Festival actors filled their wallets when the show couldn’t go on

This year’s opening is a welcome return for a workforce that has been hit particularly hard during the pandemic. – Karen Fricker Toronto Star

Caribou revives Daphni’s pseudonym for new song “Cherry”

Dan Snaith’s first Daphni track since 2019’s “Sizzlin'” is “endless spiraling polyrhythm on an FM synth,” he said. –Jazz Monroe, Fork

Tesher’s meteoric rise in TikTok leads to surprise Juno

As part of his Juno nomination, Sharma took to the stage for his first-ever performance at Canada’s biggest night in music, with his mom, dad and sister cheering him on from the crowd. The 26-year-old’s single Jalebi Baby would go viral on TikTok with over 1.6 billion video views, earning him legions of new fans around the world, a collaboration with Jason Derulo and a Juno nomination. 2022 for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. – Rukhsar Ali, Globe and Mail

The National Arts Center’s next season includes Buffy Sainte-Marie and a double dose of Margaret Atwood

The Ottawa-based National Arts Center has announced the world premiere with orchestra of an eight-song suite in memory of a horrific series of murders that took place seven years ago in Canada. –Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

Rap star J. Cole is heading to professional basketball in Canada. Here’s what people are saying

J. Cole signed with the Scarborough Shooting Stars of the Canadian Basketball Elite League on Thursday. – Demar Grant Toronto Star

Rich Aucoin announces a quadruple album

The shape bending project will arrive in four parts over two years. –Morgan Mullin, The side

The unlikely TikTok second life of Montreal musician Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson has found unexpected success on TikTok during the pandemic, thanks in part to Justin Bieber. -Jon Dekel Globe and Mail

Willie Stratton finds a new stride

The singer-songwriter ditches the acting genre and achieves authenticity on Drugstore Dreamin’. –Morgan Mullin, The side

What leaders can learn from megastar The Weeknd

The bona fide pop star has managed to stay on top of her ever-expanding projects. A lesson: let the work speak for itself. – Josh O’Kane The Globe and Mail

The Dundas Valley Orchestra and the Burlington Concert Band combine for a concert at the Warplane Heritage Museum

Heroes don’t always wear capes. Sometimes it’s just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. To celebrate all the heroes who have helped us through the past two years, the 55-piece Burlington Concert Band and the 50-piece Dundas Valley Orchestra are coming together for “The Heroes Among Us”, a concert on May 29 in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. -Leonardo Turnevicius, Hamilton Spectator

The Enterprising Pacific Opera owes a lot to artistic director Timothy Vernon

Timothy Vernon became the founding artistic director of Pacific Opera in 1979 and has remained its artistic director ever since. But this is surely what we can call commitment. –William Littler, Toronto Star


Will Elon Musk save the music industry?

Music companies demanded that Twitter fully license the music. But, as the potential new owner of the platform, Elon Musk will not play the music industry’s game – instead, the music industry must play its game. A Musk music DAO initiative could actually be the answer to their request: it would be a decentralized blockchain-based copyright management and licensing platform that would democratize the way music is licensed. – Ran Geffen MBW

Paul McCartney tops list of UK’s richest musicians

Paul McCartney, U2 and Andrew Lloyd Webber top the Sunday Times Rich List for musicians from the UK and Ireland. Beatles star McCartney’s wealth is listed at £865million, with the publication reporting he has earned £45million since 2021. – The Independent

Tencent Music and NetEase Cloud Music Added More Paid Music Users Than Spotify in Q1

According to newly released financial results analyzed by MBW, Tencent Music added 4.0 million paid music users quarter-on-quarter in the first quarter of 2022. The official user base of “paid online music » of TME now has 80.2 million customers. NetEase Cloud Music, meanwhile, added an impressive 7.8 million paid online music users to its platform quarter over quarter in Q1 2022. – Tim Ingham, MBW

Music streaming has a ‘tsundoku’ problem

In Japanese culture, there is the concept of tsundoku. This means that when someone buys so many books, just reading them becomes overwhelming. So they sit without reading as more books are added to the tottering piles, the bibliomaniac empty behind bars. Tsundoku is usually about tangible objects, but it seems increasingly relevant in the age of subscription streaming. – Eamonn Forde MBW

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Announce 2023 Tour

The Boss hits the road with the full E Street range for the first time since 2017. – Evan Minsker, Fork

John Doe’s latest foray into folk music isn’t quite as Woody might have been

John Doe, folk? That’s certainly what the name of his new project – ‘The John Doe Folk Trio’ – seems to suggest, as does the trio’s just-released record, ‘Fables in a Foreign Land’. The man who founded X, the flagship punk band in which he has been active for more than 45 years, has he swapped club rock for coffee? –Stuart Monro, boston globe

Jerry Lee Lewis is the latest inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Big balls of fire, finally! Mad pianist and American music legend Jerry Lee Lewis is the latest inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame in the Veteran’s Era category. The announcement was made May 17 at a press conference in Nashville, and after years of lobbying by fans who wanted to see the American music legend honored while he is still with us. – RecordingCountryMusic

Taylor Swift receives honorary degree from New York University

Taylor Swift has Grammys galore and now she has a new title – “doctor”. The superstar received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from New York University last week, blowing kisses as the crowd roared as she made her way to the stage at a packed Yankee Stadium. – Nardos Haile, PA

Tears for Fears Drops 4 New Songs Live as 2022 Tour Kicks Off

“The Tipping Point World Tour” is very satisfying in its familiarity, but also full of welcome surprises. – CoS

What Labor promised the arts

With the formation of the Labor government in Australia, we are revisiting what Tony Burke promised for the arts and calling on the sector to hold it accountable. –Tony Burke, Artshub

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