Music Industry Headlines, January 24, 2022

Charlotte Cornfield is Canada’s Best Kept Secret

The Ontario singer-songwriter’s “Highs in the Minuses” is full of pointed observations and powerful memories. -Jonathan Bernstein rolling stone

Motown songwriter R. Dean Taylor of Toronto dies at 82

Taylor, who wrote songs about “real life things,” died Jan. 7 at his home in Los Angeles. -Nick Krewen Toronto Star

Punk-pop Survivors Billy Talent Survives Enemies

“We’ve traveled and we have miles behind us,” says Benjamin Kowalewicz, lead singer of Billy Talent. “We are flirting with our 30th year of playing together. With the pandemic, we finally had the opportunity to look back. –Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

When Drake is on your course schedule

It’s the start of the winter term at Ryerson University in Toronto, and most students are preparing for another semester of courses like mechanical engineering, economics, and English literature. But 30 budding scholars will study what is perhaps a less traditional subject: the ins and outs of hip-hop megastar Drake, as taught by Dalton Higgins. – Vjosa Isai New York Times

Time to tie up Covid compliance so Conway The Machine can play Halifax in February

The hottest MC of the decade is coming to The Marquee, as long as we don’t spoil it. –Morgan Mullin, The side

Hunter Brothers discusses winning Album of the Year, Virtual Saskatchewan. Music Awards

“I think when you make music, you do it because you want to connect with people.” –Jocelyne Bennett, Star Phoenix of Saskatoon

The Neil Young hit that bothered Bob Dylan

“Heart of Gold” quickly rose to the top of the charts, becoming Young’s only US No. 1 single. One of his main influences, however, did not think the track sounded “completely Neil”. Bob Dylan, between albums at the time and living in Phoenix, couldn’t help but think the song sounded like something he would write himself. –Allison Rapp Ultimate classic rock

“Who heard of a pianist my age releasing a new album?

Pianist Ruth Slenczynska has just turned 97 and will release her new album, “My life in music” in less than two months. Canadian OI

Tanya Tagaq says she spoke uninhibited on new album, ‘Tongues’

Tagaq, as his fans are used to, spared no effort for his fifth album, released on Friday. -Nick Krewen Toronto Star

This Week in History, 1973: A lost album is resurrected, 48 years after it was not released

A psychedelic folk album with links to the Lower Mainland has been discovered in a thrift store in Alberta. -John Mackie Vancouver Sun

Let Them Eat Popcorn: Ontario’s Cinema Snack Ban Is The Latest Absurd Arts Policy

While some Ontario moviegoers might be happy to just return to theaters after another shutdown, concessions will be banned, even though restaurants and bars will be operating. – Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail

Kiefer Sutherland revisits old haunts on his third album, “Bloor Street”

The award-winning Canadian actor, who just released his third album, says storytelling is at the heart of his two passions. -Nick Krewen Toronto Star


Sony acquires full ownership of Ultra Records. David Waxman as President

MBW has learned that Sony Music has made another interesting acquisition. Major took a remaining minority stake in famed dance label, Ultra Records. The move means Sony Music now fully owns Ultra Records, following its acquisition of a majority stake in the label in 2013. –Murray Stassen, MBW

Warner Music Group Names 15 New Grant Recipients From Its $100 Million Social Justice Fund

The Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund (WMG/BFF SJF) has announced its third set of grantee partners. This new round of grants advances WMG/BFF SJF’s vision to “address systemic racism and make real progress.” MBW

Discover Sony Music’s new global merchandising arm: Ceremony of Roses

Sony Music Entertainment has confirmed that it has made a strategic investment in Ceremony of Roses (CoR), a “boutique” merchandising company founded by music and fashion entrepreneur Brad Scoffern. In doing so, SME is launching a new global media, branding, design and events company, which will maintain the Ceremony of Roses brand. Sony merchandising activities around the world will now be part of the new Rose Ceremony. –Murray Stassen, MBW

Are music awards still relevant in the era of Spotify Wrapped?

In a week when the Grammys and CMT awards were forced to change dates and locations, MIDiA analyst Keith Jopling asks if the awards ceremonies are still relevant in today’s entertainment. – Hypebot

Taylor Swift Named Record Store Day 2022 Ambassador

“The places where we go to discover new and old music have always been sacred to me,” says Swift. –Jazz Monroe, Fork

Lorde Admits She ‘Shouldn’t Have Made’ Antarctic Trip That Inspired ‘Solar Power’

She also called it “the best five days of my entire life”. -Ali Shutler NME

Adele’s Last-Minute Cancellation Leaves Vegas, Fans Wondering: What Happened?

Although the postponement may be difficult, the singer is not expected to face serious responsibility despite the last-minute decision. – Billboard

Top 10 New Songs

Featuring Nilüfer Yanya, Canadian rockers PUP, Fly Anakin and more. –Scott Russell & Pastry Staff

Biopic “Weird Al” Yankovic starring Daniel Radcliffe

Weird: The Story of “Weird Al” Yankovic is a Funny or Die produced movie coming to the Roku channel. –Evan ​​Minsker, Fork

Gibson Teams Up With Guy Greta Van Fleet To Honor The SG Guitar On Its 61st Birthday

Where are Angus and Tony? Apparently the guys from AC/DC and Black Sabbath weren’t available. – straight georgia

Brian Eno on NFTs: “Now artists can become little capitalist assholes!”

Crypto resource site The Crypto Syllabus has published a new interview with producer, composer, artist and provocateur Brian Eno, discussing opportunities for artists with NFTs. – Syntopy

Proving once again that pop culture tends to be cyclical, When We Were Young festival turns emo in Las Vegas

2022 marked a return to the days when Hot Topic, Alternative Press and Victory Records were revered cultural references in underground America. Start packing your bags for the When We Were Young festival, scheduled for October 22 in Las Vegas. –Mike Usinger, straight georgia

25 best documentaries about musicians

Stacker reviewed the top-rated documentaries on Metacritic and ranked the top 25 music documentaries on the list. These films are uplifting, informative, entertaining, inspiring and tragic. Each one reminds us of how extraordinary these musicians are and how they have influenced our lives. – The Indiana Gazette

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