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TL File Photo River Elementary School, one of the buildings in the Ohio Switzerland School District in Monroe County, is a site where COVID-19 vaccines will be administered to staff next week.

WOODSFIELD – Schools in Monroe County are preparing their staff to receive COVID-19 vaccines starting next week, but the Harrison Hills City School District has taken a boost in the process.

At the Harrison County School, employees were originally scheduled to get their shots next week as well, but they were able to get their shots earlier.

Harrison Hills Superintendent Dana Snider said the first round of vaccines had already been administered.

“Our staff received their vaccines on February 4,” she said. “Our follow-up vaccination should be on March 5. “

Garen Rhome, administrator of the Harrison County health department, said his department was able to inoculate more than 140 staff with injections that had not been used by the group of phase 1A health workers .

“We had taken enough deliveries from Moderna in the previous weeks, which was not expected for the large Friday deployments. … We were able to take this Moderna over that period of time and put together enough of it. … We still do 10, 20 or 30 a day in the health service ”, he said.

Rhome said he had reviewed the plan with the state and that the school staff allowance that Harrison County allegedly received next week would not be shipped to the county. Vaccinated personnel will be assigned to second doses in approximately 29 days.

“They announced a four-week statewide deployment, but at this point our plans were far enough along that we didn’t want to change them. We had a great buy-in from adults in the Harrison Hills district ”, Rhome said. They had lined up a bunch of volunteer nurses… a whole plan in place with a lot of rooms and a lot of people. … The decision we made was to stick to the original plan.

“We didn’t hesitate to plan for it. This is what we had, in particular via our Phase 1A ”, he said.

Rhome said vaccinations for the local Conotton Valley Union school district are managed by Carroll County and are expected to begin next week, according to a schedule released by the Ohio Department of Health.

Monroe County Health Commissioner Linda Dick said her department was ready to go.

“We have our numbers in the schools and we have worked with them. I’m waiting … 300 doses of the condition. Monday being a statutory holiday, hopefully it will happen on Tuesday or Wednesday, and we have made arrangements to go to each of the schools on Friday. We have set up clinics in schools.

Dick said more than 260 employees in the local Ohio Switzerland school district have signed up to receive snapshots. She said more and more people are choosing to be vaccinated as confidence in the process grows.

“They don’t die. They don’t really get sick. Even since the first time I spoke to the school about asking their staff for the vaccine, there have been more people who have come up to them and said “Hey, yeah, I want to get the vaccine” , so we might even have over 260, “ Dick said. “That’s why I went ahead and ordered 300. When the day came, it wouldn’t surprise me if we had more people wanting to get it. So we will have it available.

“We have worked very closely with all of our schools, and I have been to each of them and it has been really nice to work with them on this whole pandemic,” he said. she continued. “We’re just going to get this vaccine and get it in people’s arms as quickly as possible. “

Vaccines will be available to employees at Monroe County schools, including those in the local Ohio Switzerland School District, Mighty Grace Private Academy, and St. Sylvester Catholic Elementary School.

Vaccines will be available at schools in Belmont and Jefferson counties starting the week of February 22.

Schools and districts in Belmont County include: Barnesville, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Martins Ferry, Shadyside, St. Clairsville and Union Local public schools as well as the Belmont-Harrison Career Center and private institutions Green Pastures Classical School, Harrell Family Academy , Lone Oak Lifetime Learner’s Academy, Martins Ferry Christian, Olney Friends School, Scientia Classical Academy, St. John Central Academy, St. Mary, St. Mary Central, Tiber Keep, and West Academy.

Schools in Jefferson County include: Bishop John King Mussio Elementary and High School, Buckeye Local, Steubenville Catholic Central, Dugan Academy, Edison Local, Hatcher’s Academy, Indian Creek, Jefferson County, Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Jefferson County Christian, Jefferson County Educational Service Center, Mary Seat of Wisdom Montessori, Steubenville City and Toronto City Schools.

In Belmont County, many are anticipating the vaccines.

“I already had COVID, and it was not a fun experience. What to temper that. I am really excited to receive the vaccine ”, Kim Clifford, senior English teacher at St. Clairsville High School, said. “I encourage everyone to get it. The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we will get back to normal. “

Clifford said educators continue to cope and administrators are managing operations during the pandemic.

“We have had teachers who contracted it and some students contracted it, but for the most part it worked very well with virtual learning and in-person learning,” he said. “I think we’re doing fine, but I would be lying if I said virtual learning is as good as learning in person. This feedback that you constantly receive is so important. … You are doing your best. You are in dire circumstances.

Bridgeport Exempt Village School District Superintendent Brent Ripley said his district has been operating as close to normal as possible for as long as possible.

“We’ve been in school pretty much the whole year apart from a few hybrid and distance weeks. Bridgeport is in full swing. We are very grateful ”, he said.

Locally, Belmont County Deputy Health Director Robert Sproul reported that there have been 5,157 cases of the virus in Belmont County since the start of the pandemic. There are 397 people isolated at home with active cases and 59 hospitalized, 4,608 recoveries and 93 residents have died after being infected.

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