Monroe schools are growing and overcrowded



Census information also revealed a number of other fast growing communities in Butler County as well as those that have lost residents.

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Monroe has seen its number of residents increase from 12,442 in 2010 to 15,412 in 2020.

Liberty Twp., Which is one of two townships supplying the Lakota school system of 16,800 students, recorded the second highest percentage of population increase with an increase of 18.1%. The town had 43,999 inhabitants in 2020.

Overall, Butler County saw its total population increase by 6%, from 368,130 to 390,357, according to the census.

Other notable increases included 6.4% in West Chester Township, which remained the county’s most populous community in 2020 with 64,830 residents. The city of Hamilton was second in that year in terms of residential population with 63,999 residents, a 1.5% jump from 2010.

The city of Trenton at 9.7 percent and the city of Oxford at 7.8 percent and the surrounding area of ​​Oxford Twp also recorded some of the highest growth percentages. at 6.3 percent.

Communities with the largest population declines included the already small rural communities of Jacksonburg (12.7% decline), Millville (10.5%) and Seven Mile (5.2%).

Monroe schools grew from 2,799 students in 2017 to 2,965 last month when classes began for the new school year. And school officials predict that community growth will continue.

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Buskirk said: “Growth is always positive because it means we are an attractive place to live. Monroe is a large community with a strong school district. That being said, Monroe’s pace of growth definitely presents challenges. “

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