Mariah Carey talks about music in a party dress in a swimming pool while drinking a cocktail

What a flex.

Legendary singer Mariah Carey posted a video on her Instagram account that showed off her voice and evening attire.

Organize an Instagram Live party to celebrate his 2005 album, Mimi’s Emancipationas well as the recently released “Big Energy” remix featuring DJ Khaled and rapper Latto, Carey partied from a pool in the Bahamas.

“IG Live!!!! Celebrating the emancipation of Mimi and Big Energy Remix with the lambily!!! 🐑🐑🐑❤️❤️❤️,” Carey wrote on IG.

Wearing a rose gold maxi dress, Carey, her hair styled, spoke for 20 minutes and splashed for her millions of followers. “Hello my darlings!” she said, adding that the 2005 LP is one of her “all-time favorite albums”.

Carey also took a sip of Black Irish Cream liqueur (and poured some for her late friend, rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard). She mentioned that she was also working on new music and talked about her upcoming vocal MasterClass (fans can register for MasterClass HERE, it starts April 14).

“I’ve just been in the studio doing a lot of stuff and other projects that I think you know about,” Carey said.

Carey’s daughter, Monroe, also made a special appearance in her pajamas in the middle of the video.

Carey then talked about her song “The Roof” from her 1997 album, Butterflywho will receive a new rendition featuring “one of my favorite artists and friends…she’s amazing, we love her and we’re having a total time on MasterClass.”

That person? Star singer Brandy.

Watch Mariah’s IG Live below.

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