Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Plays in Julien’s Auctions Musical Icons Auction

Julien’s Auctions three-day music auction Music icons from Friday 20 Maye – Sunday, May 22n/a 2022 culminated in the highly anticipated sale of the iconic electric guitar that changed music and the world: Kurt Cobain’s 1969 Fender Mustang starred in Nirvana’s 1991 landmark music video, “Smells like Teen Spirit.”

One of the most important and iconic guitars owned and played by Kurt Cobain ever sold at auction sold for $4.5 million, far exceeding its original estimate of $600,000. The guitar was acquired by The Jim Irsay Collection in Indianapolis in a bidding war between collectors and bidders around the world who competed live at the Hard Rock Cafe.® New York, online at Julien’s Auctions and by phone.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Cobain family is donating a portion of the legendary guitar’s proceeds and select Kurt Cobain items to Kicking The Stigma, the Irsays’ initiative to raise awareness for the disorders mental health issues and eliminate the stigma associated with them. diseases. Through grants, as well as personal donations from the Irsay family, more than $16 million has been donated to local and national organizations to expand treatment and research and raise awareness in Indiana and beyond. of the.

“I’m thrilled to preserve and protect another piece of American culture that changed the way we see the world,” said Jim Irsay, owner and CEO of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. “The fact that a portion of the proceeds will go towards our efforts to fight the stigma around mental health makes this acquisition even more special to me.”

Darren Julien, President/CEO of Julien’s Auctions, said, “Having this legendary guitar, one of Kurt Cobain’s most culturally and historically significant guitars in all of rock music history, return to my state of mind. ‘Indiana to be part of Jim Irsay’s famous memorabilia collection is a great honor and a personal highlight of my life.

“This once-in-a-lifetime auction has been one of the greatest privileges of my professional career and I am duly delighted that the proceeds also bring much-needed attention to mental health awareness.”

Nirvana’s single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” created a seismic shift in the musical universe and a cultural moment in history by heralding the alternative/grunge era of the 90s and becoming one of the most popular songs and music videos. most iconic of all time. The Gen X anthem from their second album Not serious who turned 30e anniversary marking last fall transformed the underground Seattle trio of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, overnight, into the biggest band in the world.

Strong points

In addition to Kurt Cobain’s famous guitar, a number of other historical pieces of music have gone under the hammer. Over 1,300 items were sold at the event at Hard Rock Cafe New York which raised a total of nearly $15,000,000. One of Madonna’s most iconic looks of all time – her pink Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress and accessories worn in the Men prefer blondes “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” mimicked a movie clip from her classic 1984 “Material Girl” music video stole the auction scene to the winning bid of $287,500.

Country music’s greatest legends Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings have struck gold at auction with the sale of their iconic instruments and items: a 1956 Martin brand, an originally owned and played Model D-21 acoustic guitar on stage by “The Man in Black” with accompanying NFT sold for the incredible sum of $437,500, a new world record for the highest price paid for a Johnny Cash guitar sold at auction and a Bently 5106 acoustic guitar owned , signed and used by Johnny Cash sold for $25,600; a custom Fender Telecaster played on stage and owned by Waylon Jennings sold for $179,200 as well as his rhinestone-studded western set sold for $16,000 and a Fender-branded American Standard Telecaster electric guitar signed by Jennings sold for 10,240 $.

Other highlights include a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe electric guitar that belonged to the Badmotorfinger album played by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell for $76,800; Elvis Presley’s 1972 32-diamond nugget ring with initials “EP” sells for $75,000 and a Mead spiral notebook containing 17 pages of handwritten lyrics, scribbles and other personal notes by Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses sells for $38,400.

For more information on Kurt Cobain’s Guitar or Julien’s Auctions, go to www.juliensauctions.com

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