Kevin Smith | Kevin Smith wrote a Superman movie for Ben Affleck

Kevin Smith wrote a Superman movie for Ben Affleck in the 1990s.

The 51-year-old filmmaker wrote a screenplay based on the “Death of Superman” comic book series specifically for future Affleck, but producer Jon Peters wanted Sean Penn for the role.

Kevin said: “I was writing it for Affleck. Ben was heating up. Like he was there. I think he was hired for ‘Armageddon.’ Affleck, he’s a fucking giant, like he’s built like a superhero, built like a giant figure, especially with the height. And then he puts the muscles there too. So in my head and in my heart it was always Ben and Michael Rooker [as Lex Luther]. “

The acclaimed director – who rose to prominence with the low-budget comedy film “Clerks” in 1994 – claimed Peters wanted to “reinvent” the role of the DC superhero.

Speaking on Yahoo Entertainment’s “The Never-Weres” series, he explained: “[Jon Peters] go, ‘Look in [Penn’s] eyes in [‘Dead Man Walking’], It is [got] haunted eyes, eyes of a killer, ”Smith explained. “And I was like,” Dude, it’s Superman. You know, that’s not how most people think of Superman ‘… But he wanted to reinvent him. He wanted something gritty, graphic, and grown-up. He basically wanted like what Zack Snyder finally did [in ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman v Superman’, and ‘Justice League’]. “

In the end, “Beetlejuice” director Tim Burton took the reins of what was titled “Superman Lives” and picked Nicolas Cage in the title role, but the film was ultimately shelved.

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