“I spent £10 at a discount supermarket, The Company Shop – here’s what I picked up”

Edinburgh Live reporter Iona Young visited her nearest Company Shop discount store in Wester Hailes to see how much food she could get for her money. See his transport in the images below

Here’s what Iona Young picked up at Company Shop

The cost of living crisis means we are all looking for ways to cut our costs, including at the supermarket.

Armed with £10, Edinburgh live Journalist Iona Young went to the nearest Company Shop discount store in Wester Hailes to see how much food she could get with her money.

If you’ve never heard of it, Company Shop is a discount chain that sells excess inventory that would otherwise go to waste at a super cheap price.

You have to pay for a membership, much like Costco, but joining is free.

Membership is open to employees and pension recipients of the NHS, care and emergency services, prison services, the UK Armed Forces, charities and the fast moving consumer goods supply chain.

Those receiving means-tested benefits are also eligible.

Company Shop has 15 branches across the UK – check your nearest location on its website. Here’s what Iona thought during her visit…

Edinburgh Live reporter Iona Young visited her local company store


Edinburgh Live)

With the cost of living skyrocketing in Edinburgh, we popped into the Company Shop discount supermarket to see how much we could get for £10.

Located in Wester Hailes, a membership card is required to enter the surplus food store.

During the pandemic it was open to key workers such as NHS staff, police and firefighters, but has now extended free membership to people on means-tested benefits.

Have you ever visited the Maison de la Compagnie? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

You can apply online or by visiting the store. From time to time, the company also sends out a membership link that current members can share with their friends and family.

The Company Shop buys excess inventory from food manufacturers that would otherwise have gone to waste or ended up in landfill, and members can buy it up to 70% off the regular price.

We visited on a Thursday afternoon to do a weekly shop with the challenge of spending just £10 which shouldn’t be difficult at all – with prices as low as 5p.

Company Shop receipt


Edinburgh Live)

When you first enter the store, you pass the fresh produce section comprising fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry leading to cheese, milk and yogurt.

Most steaks and whole chickens as well as chicken thighs, hash, etc. are half price on the day, allowing you to get the basics of a meal for around a quarter of the supermarket price.

But don’t worry, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of plant-based discount items from Quorn and Birdseye.

When last visited they had dozens of cartons of Alpro Soya barista milk for just 39p.

So focusing on packed lunches, stock items for the cupboard such as pasta sauce and pasta, etc. with a few cheap treats on the way, here’s how much we got at a company store.

  • Chilli Lime Fancy Tortilla Chips – 79p
  • 6 blackcurrant jellies – 56p
  • Grilled vegetable pesto – 60p
  • Sunset candle – with a burn time of 35 hours – 89p
  • Colgate Total Toothpaste – £1
  • Fancy breadsticks – 50p
  • Decaffeinated tea – 51p
  • Two sachets of Percy Pig fizzy chews – £1
  • Six puffs of salt and vinegar pork – £3 (27p each)
  • 6 packs of Lindt Mini Chocolate Santa Clauses – 25p each
  • Red curry paste – 65p
  • 5 Fair Trade ‘gingerella’ ginger beers – 40p each
  • Another red pesto – 49p

On top of all that for £12 there were also hundreds of seasoning packets for Maggi’s cook at the end so I picked up 22.

Due to the nature of the stock, there are often free goodies to grab at the end.

There are also dozens of crates full of all sorts of random dry groceries, which is often where I get 75% of my shop from the company store.

Items vary completely, so when you find belts, you’ll likely never see them again – unless you’re lucky.

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