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Cory Mills, congressional candidate and tear gas investor, promises in a new video ad that he can make liberals cry.

Mills, a Republican from Winter Park who is running in Florida’s 7th congressional district, released a new digital ad that pushes back on a POLITICO report from April. The veteran and business owner takes a look at how PACEM Solutions, a company he co-founded and of which he is still executive chairman, sold tear gas used on Black Lives Matter and liberal protesters during high-profile protests .

In the ad, Mills appears holding a rifle and wearing camouflage. The on-screen text touts Mills’ background as an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran serving in the 82nd Airborne Army.

“I went home and started a company making riot control ammunition for law enforcement,” he said. “You may know some of our work.”

It then shows video footage of the police response to a number of protests, demonstrations and riots.

These include the use of tear gas against “Hillary Clinton protesters” in Charlotte, North Carolina, “left-wing protesters” in Phoenix, Arizona, “antifa rioters” in Washington, DC, “Black Lives Matter protesters” in Denver, Colorado, and “radical left protesters” in Philadelphia.

“Now the liberal media is crying about it,” Mills said in the ad.

He goes on to describe himself as a conservative outsider in the race, before sending a message to the field of journalism.

“If the media wants to shed real tears, I can help them,” he said, smiling for the camera.

Mills makes no mention of criticism that rubber bullets made by PACEM subsidiary ALS Less Lethal were sold to China and used to suppress pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, as reported by the Hong Kong Free Press.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee in 2020 pressed PACEM CEO Andrew Knaggs of the potential health risks to those exposed to the company’s tear gas products.

The ad is available online. His campaign also told The Floridian that he bought a “six-figure” ad in the Orlando Media Market to run the spot on TV.

This article was first published on Florida politics.

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