FBI seeks company to run COVID pop-up testing site in Rochester

“It’s like my second time coming and they’re closed,” he said.

Edwin Aponte came here to have his daughter tested so she could return home to Puerto Rico.

Brean: “The The FBI raided the bureau raided their office in Chicago the weekend.”

Deck: “Oh really?”

The center is based in Chicago.

The FBI told me that “the FBI was conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in Rolling Meadows,” a neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side.

BNC News reports that the center’s lab billed the federal government more than $122 million for testing. Until Monday, the sign at the Mt. Hope Avenue storefront promised free testing.

Now that sign is gone.

The rental agent for the property told me that the COVID Control Center has a month-to-month lease and the rent is paid.

Inside, there are two desks and a few chairs.

NBC News reports that a federal inspection of the center found tests that were read too late and tests without a patient name.

We’ve told you stories of customers who waited two and a half weeks for test results or got no results.

The Center for COVID Control told NBC News, “We are working closely with the authorities to provide information and shed light on the operational challenges (the Center) encountered at the height of the Omicron surge.”

“I mean it took a while for the results to come in,” Obadi said. “They did (the test) quickly, faster than expected, but the results took a very long time.”

Attorneys general in Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, California and Massachusetts have opened investigations.

The New York Attorney General neither confirms nor denies an investigation, but the office told me, if you have a complaint, file it with them.

To file a complaint, call the NYSAG Rochester office at 585-546-7430.

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