Family pool project turns into nightmare after signing contract with Monroe company


MONROE, Mich. –A Metro Detroit family battles a Monroe swimming pool company after their pool project turns into a nightmare.

What happens to the Federer family could happen to anyone who hires a contractor. Local 4’s Help Me Hank investigated the issue to help protect others from the same fate.

The Federers didn’t get the pool they dreamed of when they signed a contract with Ray’s Pools last fall.

Customers have reported having big problems with projects through Ray’s Pools in Monroe. (WDIV)

“They’ve been given water three or four times and it’s still leaking,” Jill Federer said.

They were left with a long list of unresolved issues, and the battle with the contracting company lasted for months.

“The return lines have to be plugged in,” Federer said. “We have to stop the leak. The pool has to be cleaned and filled. All the pieces that are laid out in the yard are slides and our ladder that has to be installed. They still owe me a fence and a trampoline-type pool cover. . “

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“When they came back in the spring, they had to finish it, and again, the same sort of thing,” said Todd Federer. “(They were) unprepared, not showing up.”

Todd and Jill Federer (WDIV)

When the contract was signed with Ray’s Pools last fall, everything was progressing. But when a Ray’s employee who helped close the deal left, the Federer Project and several others reportedly fell apart.

“He wants me to talk to Jerry, who doesn’t actually work for him anymore,” said Jill Federer. “But he won’t be supporting Jerry to help him fix the pool, so it’s very frustrating.”

Local consumer expert 4 Hank Winchester spoke to employee Jerry over the phone. He confirmed that he no longer works for Ray’s, but the contract is with the company, not with a specific employee.

“It doesn’t matter if a salesperson, or the person who sold it to you, or another employee is still there, is on sick leave or is gone,” said Neil Rockind, Legal Expert for Local 4. “Your contract is with the company. It leaves you in exactly the same place as when that person came to your house and you signed the contract. “

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The pool they got from Ray’s Pools is not what the Federers were hoping for. (WDIV)

The contract is essential in all cases involving the hiring of a company to complete a job.

“The contracts are designed to be a safety net if things don’t go the way you expect,” Rockind said. “So it’s important that you have the protection you think you have, as opposed to the protection you end up having, and sometimes there is a difference. Read the fine print.”

Hank went to Ray to find out why a former employee found himself handling unfinished tasks.

“Did anyone ever have a problem with this pool business before we got Jerry?” An employee asked Hank.

“But that’s irrelevant,” Hank said. “Let this person represent this company, the contracts are with you, and there are several families who are having problems.

“I know that,” she said.

“So you or Ray or someone has to make it right, because what’s going on isn’t right,” Hank said.

“We did it right,” she said.

“No you didn’t,” Hank said. “You didn’t do it right.”

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“Oh yes we did,” she said. “You don’t know what we did.

“I know this family is not happy,” Hank said.

Hank Winchester confronted a Ray’s Pools employee in Monroe about customer issues. (WDIV)

Since Hank’s visit to Ray’s, others have sent emails with photos of their issues, claiming they were stuck like the Federers. They claim they are being fired to a former employee.

Ray’s Pools maintains the Federers called for changes, such as a larger patio, after the deal was signed.

“At some point the client will have to decide whether or not to go to court,” Rockind said.

Before signing a contract, homeowners should take the time to read a contract in its entirety and include a date by which everyone agrees the project needs to be completed.

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