Every Chad Michael Murray Hallmark Movie, Ranked by IMDb

Chad Michael Murray is one of the few teenage stars who made the transition to Hallmark movies, along with Candace Cameron Bure (Full house), Lacy Chabert (mean girls), and most of its former A tree hill co-stars, including Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz.

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The actor is also the star of several Lifetime films, including color of love and Playing with the holidays. Fans have weighed in on which of his movies are the best, overall, and that’s how they all rank.

6 Anse du dollar de sable – 6.3

Hallmark of Sand Dollar Cove

This is a classic love story between real estate developer and Hallmark landowner. In Sand Dollar Cove, architect Elli Everson (Ali Michalka) is sent by her real estate company to the coastal town of Sand Dollar Cove to acquire property for a new resort. The town is recovering from a storm and it seems like a win-win situation for everyone but the owner, Brody Bradshaw (Chad Michael Murray).

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Brody isn’t interested in selling, especially after hearing about plans to demolish his beloved pier, which represents his family and the town’s history to him. The two clash until they start to fall in love with each other. Luckily, love wins out and throws her too. This movie has beautiful scenery and it’s nice to see the old A tree hill star back in a seaside town.

5 Love in the Winter Land – 6.4

Chad Michael Murray: Love in Winterland

Aly Wilson works for a marketing company in Los Angeles and is convinced to go on a reality TV show to promote a client, Swans Hotel. The bachelor, Tanner Dillon, checks all her boxes and even though she is honest about why she is there, he selects her as one of his final two contestants. This allows Ally to appear in the final five dates which will take place in her hometown of Winterland, Vermont, the ski resort she has not returned to since graduating from college.

Brett Hollister, her high school sweetheart, never left Winterland and now runs his family’s ski resort and appears throughout filming to create a love triangle. The show’s producer, Lauren, not only wants good television, but she also wants to make sure Ally ends up with the right guy. And she does! This movie is fun but would be more compelling if Ally was actually interested in the Bachelor. As a bonus, Jack Turner, who plays Tanner Dillon in the film, uses his native British accent in this film.


4 The Beach House – 6.6

This movie feels more like a Nicholas Sparks movie than a Hallmark movie, with a star-studded cast including Andie Macdowell, Minka Kelly and, of course, Chad Michael Murray.

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Based on a novel by Mary Alice Monroe, the film follows Minka Kelly’s character, Cara or Caretta, as she returns home to Charleston after losing her job in Chicago. She rekindles an old romance with her college boyfriend, Brett (Chad Michael Murray), mends her relationship with her family, and rebuilds her mother’s beloved beach house. Murray’s character in this film seems more in his wheelhouse compared to some of his other films, so he feels more settled in the role. However, this movie isn’t as lighthearted as other Hallmark movies, so bring your box of tissues!

3 Angel Falls Christmas – 6.8

One of the many common Hallmark Christmas movie tropes involves Santa secretly working in the background to help couples find love. However, Angel Falls Christmas is the first Hallmark film to put guardian angels to work. Workaholic Ally and her boyfriend Josh break up early in the film at a restaurant. In their final conversation, they each make a wish. Josh wants Ally to see the value of life outside of work. Ally wants Josh to see more in work than work. Cue the guardian angels, Maureen and Gabe (Chad Michael Murray).

In his efforts to fulfill these dreams and reunite the couple, Gabe begins to develop feelings for Ally and loses her powers. Fortunately, he sees the error in his ways and completes his mission successfully. This movie is slow moving and Chad Michael Murray is a little stiff in the role, but it’s refreshing to see the movie’s original couple reunited at the end, which love triangle stories don’t usually do.

2 Road to Christmas – 6.8

Road to Christmas Hallmark Movie Classic

In Road to Christmas, TV producer Maggie Baker is planning the popular annual Christmas special for lifestyle guru Julia Wise’s Los Angeles-based TV show, which is set to shoot live on Christmas Eve in Vermont. A week before the show, Julia decides to bring in the show’s former producer and his son, Danny Wise, to help Maggie. This causes tension between Danny and Maggie until they are tasked with a road trip to collect stories about Christmas traditions across the country, from Los Angeles to Vermont.

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As the two begin to develop feelings for each other, Maggie secretly decides to bring Danny’s two brothers, David and Derek, together to reunite the “Three Wise Men” with their mother on the Christmas special. Things go wrong along the way but love wins out in the end. This film has a good balance of humor and tender moments and brings together a not-so-perfect family in a heartwarming way. Although it’s not one of the best road trip movies, it’s worth watching.

1 Write Before Christmas – 7.0

In Write before Christmas, music store owner Jessica writes Christmas cards to the five people who have influenced her the most in life. These messages profoundly affect the recipients. The first message to her business partner, Mimi, leads Mimi to deal with her relationship issues with her husband. The second message to his younger brother, Carter, who is stationed in the military overseas, leads him to profess his love for another soldier, Angie. The third letter to her aunt Lila, who raised her, leads her to fall in love with a neighbor. The fourth letter goes to a retired pop star, Jax, which leads him to pursue his true passion. Finally, the fifth letter goes to his music teacher, Mrs. Miller, who lets her adopted son, Luke (Chad Michael Murray) read it.

The two end up meeting and falling in love. The side stories in this movie are sweet and make it unique from other Hallmark movies. Although the many vignettes slow down the telling of the main story, it all ends in a satisfying way.

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