Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Company is temporarily out of service

Courtney Harrison of Newswatch 16 shows us what all of this means for the community.

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, Pa. – A Susquehanna County volunteer fire company has stopped responding to calls. The Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Company‘s decision comes after state police were repeatedly called to the station this summer.

State police were called to the Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Company on Saturday after reports of a man trying to break down the door.

According to the soldiers, this man was Lucas Davidson, a member of the fire company. Davidson told police he was trying to open the door to drive one of the trucks to a fire a few miles away, on instructions from William Corter, the former fire chief.

Court documents indicate Corter was in the presence of a fire in Auburn Township and on the phone with Davidson, but according to Elk Lake Fire Company president Kamron Ross, Davidson is not certified for driving the truck and Corter was forced to leave the fire company. last month.

State police also reported that Corter was on the radio with the Susquehanna County Communications Center, saying he was the fire chief at the scene of the blaze. Communications center records show Adam Belles is the current Elk Lake Fire Chief.

The soldiers arrested Davidson and Corter. Corter is accused of posing as an official. The charges against Davidson include disorderly conduct.

The current chief quickly put the firefighters out of service.

“With the situation we have, we’re trying to do what’s best for the community and safely and as quickly as possible,” Ross said.

Susquehanna County officials say there will be no gap in coverage while the department is down, but residents of that region know every second counts in an emergency.

“We have a great group of fire departments, all volunteers, in our area to help us and to reassure people that help is coming if something needs to happen,” Ross added.

State police said their investigation was continuing.

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