CSN stands with Neil Young and demands that their music be taken from Spotify

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have had a very rocky relationship, but David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash proudly support Neil Young and his recent row with Spotify.

The CSN issued the following joint statement“We support Neil and agree with him that there is dangerous misinformation being spread on Spotify’s Joe Rogan Podcast. While we always welcome alternative viewpoints, knowingly spreading misinformation during this global pandemic is having deadly consequences.Until concrete steps are taken to show that concern for humanity must be balanced with commerce, we don’t want our music – or the music we’ve made together – either on the same platform.

As previously reported, Young has pulled their catalog from Spotify due to the Spotify-exclusive podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and its history of spreading misinformation about COVID.

Young would go on to respond to those who accused him of trying to censor Rogan by saying in a statement, “I support free speech. I have never been in favor of censorship. Private companies have the right to choose what they profit from, just as I can choose not to support my music on a platform that disseminates harmful information. I am happy and proud to stand in solidarity with frontline healthcare workers who risk their lives every day to help others.

This group statement could be part of CSN’s dealings with Spotify. Crosby took to Twitter and wrote, “If any of you can reach Taylor Swift I really want to talk to her…The reason I want to talk to Miss Swift is she’s the only one who’s managed to kick Spotify’s ass. The only one I think. She could give us good advice. It’s not over.

Swift kept her music off Spotify for three years on the streaming service’s small percentage of royalty payments to artists. She will join the streaming service in 2018 when she signs a new recording contract with Universal Music Group and Republic Records. Through rolling stone, “As part of its joint contract with the label, UMG must agree to cede to artists, irretrievably, part of the windfall from its Spotify shares in the future. Not just to Swift, but to all of her artists.

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