Chris Evans Releases New Movie Starring Ana De Armas (And She Looks Stunning With Honey Blonde Hair)

Chris Evans is emerging from a nearly decade-long relationship with Marvel as Captain America, but it looks like he’s developing another strong working relationship with Ana de Armas. The two worked on Knives out together, the next movie 2022 The gray manand now they are developing yet another movie together. Evans has now posted a preview of their new film Phantomand check out that beautiful honey blonde hair on De Armas.

Ana de Armas can usually be seen with her dark brown hair, but in Chris Evan’s new film instagram after she wears very cute honey blonde locks. Honestly, she looks almost unrecognizable. You can see for yourself in the post below:

She can be seen right next to Chris Evans, with her arm slung over his shoulders. Looks like she’ll be wearing lighter hair in their movie Phantom. Hair could be a choice made after filming Blondor she steps into the skin of Norma Jeane AKA Marilyn Monroe. Sure, her transformation into Marilyn Monroe involved much lighter blonde hair, as the icon has bleached blonde hair, but it might have been easier to darken her hair just a bit to Phantom rather than restoring it to its natural color.

Ana de Armas is not the only star of Phantom having a hair transformation, as Chris Evans also seems to be having fun with his hair. The actor has previously posted on his “fluffy” hair for the film, which can still be seen in this new post.

Apparently, actress Octavia Spencer saw her previous fluffy hair, as she left a comment on her new post drawing attention to her fluff. She says she loves the new hair and wants Evans to kiss like she and other fans have.

The post also got some love from breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, and fans are eating his best commentary. Paul comments that he “loves this family”, referring to Chris Evans’ caption about Phantomof the Turner family. Although breaking Bad ended a while ago, fans are still referring to the actor as his character’s name in replies to his comment, and even asking if he’s in the movie.

Although neither Octavia Spencer nor Aaron Paul appear to be part of the film and they just seem to be commenting to show their support, Phantom is still pretty much a secret as far as the plot goes and we could technically see an interesting cameo or two. Even though we don’t see Spencer or Paul, it’s clear that Chris Evans’ fluffy hair is a character in its own right, and Ana de Armas’ new honey blonde hair deserves some serious props, too.

Phantom is still in the early stages of filming, so there is no release date yet. We know a lot about The gray manChris Evans and Ana de Armas’ second project together. The gray man its release is fast approaching, and you can watch them together before Phantom when the Netflix film drops on the streaming platform in July – although the two stars’ fluffy hair and honey locks won’t make an appearance until then Phantom.

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