Ana De Armas’ New Movie Isn’t What She Needed After No Time To Die

Ana de Armas has two big movies coming out in 2022, but the backlash to Deep Water could hurt her big career momentum after No Time To Die.

Ana de Armas is one of the most popular actors working today, but her new movie is a bad hit after no time to die. She was a highlight of Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond, and his next two films are eagerly awaited. However, the long delay deep waters put a damper on his rising stardom.

Receive its decisive role in Blade Runner 2049 and earning rave reviews for her lead performance in Knives out, Ana de Armas quickly proved that she would become a huge star. His supporting tower no time to die was disappointingly short; however, it left many viewers eager to see more CIA agent Paloma. A fan of action sequences and, refreshingly, not in love with Bond, Ana de Armas would excel in a Paloma spin-off.


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Despite being underutilized, de Armas still left an impression in one of 2021’s biggest blockbusters. It helped build momentum for his high-profile roles in 2022. The gray man and Blond. Conversely, deep waters is barely what she needed between projects. Despite its intriguing premise and the strong talent involved, poor reviews for Ana de Armas’ new film are undermining her burgeoning career and likely to affect her most significant role to date.

Deep Water: Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith, director Adrian Lyne’s first film in 20 years, deep waters, seemed to have a lot to do. Lyne is best known for her erotic thrillers, and casting Armas opposite Ben Affleck in a story of seduction and murder could have led to a thrilling psychological mystery. However, speculation arose when Disney pulled no time to die actor Ana de Armas’ new film from its theatrical release schedule, before relegating deep waters to Hulu (and Amazon’s Prime Video for international audiences) with little fanfare. deep waters became notorious for its many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lack of marketing, and de Armas and Affleck’s actual breakup. It all serves to overshadow de Armas’ work in the project and break the momentum she’s gained with her charismatic turn in no time to die. It’s not the solid follow-up most actors would want after such a successful blockbuster, with many signals that Disney had little faith in the less-than-erotic thriller. It’s clear why Disney chose to bury deep waterswith critics citing the surprising lack of chemistry between its tracks.

Predictably, reactions to the film are concerned with Affleck and Armas’ untimely split undermining their on-screen dynamic. Of course, the next films of Ana de Armas could ensure deep waters quickly fades from memory. Action movie The gray man will see her return to familiar territory alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Hopefully de Armas can build on his exciting work in no time to dieand The gray manThe cast of suggests it will do well for Netflix. More importantly, however, is his starring role in Blond, Andrew Dominik’s biopic about Marilyn Monroe. There’s tremendous pressure to portray a Hollywood icon with grace and respect, and much of the focus will be on whether de Armas can fully inhabit Monroe’s persona. Blond might be one of the best movies of 2022, but it would of course benefit from de Armas’ strong career momentum ahead of its release. This was hindered by deep waters and its low-key debut on Hulu.

Ana de Armas’ star power will likely draw viewers to the controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic, but her career is still on the rise. deep waters is not her first poorly received film, nor her worst, and she has earned a lot of goodwill thanks to her fantastic work in major films like no time to die. However, an actor’s promising track record can certainly boost his next films, and de Armas would be wise to avoid another critical flop that would tarnish his budding career.

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  • Deep Water (2022)Release date: March 18, 2022

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