Ana de Armas Marilyn Monroe Movie Blonde Rated NC-17

After months of rumors and kerfuffle over the rating of Ana de Armas Marilyn Monroe’s “Blonde,” the film has now been officially rated NC-17 by the MPA for “some sexual content.”

“Blonde” also appears to be the first Netflix original to land the ultra-rare NC-17 rating. And a person familiar with the film said “Blonde” had adult, mature content and that the film’s writer and director Andrew Dominik didn’t want to jeopardize some of the more intense elements of the iconic actress’ life.

Rumors had swirled throughout the development of the project that Netflix might have been uncomfortable with some of the content, and after production ended in 2019, the streamer held on to the film for a while. Finally, “Blonde” has been confirmed for a 2022 release.

Dominik even addressed the film’s content controversy in February, telling ScreenDaily, “It’s an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe, that’s kind of what you want, isn’t it? I want to go see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story.

“It’s a demanding film,” added Dominik. “If the public don’t like it, that’s the fucking public’s problem. I’m not running for public office.

The filmmaker is no stranger to polarizing films, having previously written and directed the acclaimed but slow-moving 2007 film “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” and the 2012 crime film “Killing Them Softly.” the latter nabbed a rare F CinemaScore from the audience.

Netflix has in the past hosted titles such as “Shame” and “Blue Is the Warmest Color” which earned NC-17 ratings, and it has explicit international titles like “365 Days” which are TV-MA rated, but ‘Blonde’ is set to be the first Netflix original title to receive the MPA’s rare rating.

“Blonde” is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name and is a fictionalized account of Monroe’s life, with a cast that also includes Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller, Bobby Cannavale as Joe DiMaggio , Julianne Nicholson as Gladys Pearl Baker and Caspar. Phillipson as John F. Kennedy.

Netflix had no comment.

News of the “Blonde” rating was first reported by The Playlist.

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