Ambulance: 10 trademarks of Michael Bay in the film

Ambulance is director Michael Bay’s latest film to hit theaters, adding yet another entry to the Hollywood icon’s long list of action movies showcasing his unique directorial styles. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza Gonzalez, Ambulance turns out to be one of Bay’s best works.

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Although his career has seen astronomical highs and embarrassing lows, Bay’s unique voice remains an unwavering guideline in all of his work, thanks in part to the diverse techniques that have become the action director’s trademark. . But Ambulance Departs from much of Bay’s earlier work in several respects, it is certainly not immune to the staples of his career.

ten America

Ambulance, Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Jake Gylenhaal (black and white)

It’s no secret that Michael Bay is a man who loves his country. Known for including patriotic messages in his films, Bay is often known for featuring American symbolism in one way or another, in each of his projects. movies like wearing pearls, 13 hoursand Pain and Gain are perhaps the most notorious examples of this trope.

But Ambulance isn’t as heavy as some other films directed by Michael Bay, it certainly has its own nuances that speak to the status of the American dream. This particular film is a bit more pessimistic in this regard than previous films, as it features a veteran who has become so desperate that he turns to crime to pay for his wife’s medical treatment, a sadly unfulfilled American dream.

9 Scanning establishment plans

Ambulance Los Angeles City Skyline

Michael Bay loves wide, panoramic shots, often depicting the city in which a film is set in all its glory. With the scenic city of Los Angeles, California serving as the setting for Ambulance‘s, Bay certainly makes good use of the city’s landscape.

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This brand takes on a new life in Ambulance, because Michael Bay seems to have discovered the drone shots. As such, the film is littered with new and experimental establishment shots that show Los Angeles from new angles, literally. By using this new drone technology, Bay has truly improved on one of his old signature techniques.


8 Dogs

ambulance cast and character guide

As the owner of several English Mastiffs in his lifetime, Michael Bay is clearly a dog enthusiast. Naming her pets after different Transformers, Bay also likes to give them little cameos in her movies, including a surprisingly funny appearance by one of her dogs in Ambulance.

Bay’s dog, Nitro, appears in the film as Captain Monroe’s English Mastiff, who accidentally gets caught up in the chaos of the day, including taking part in one of the film’s many car chases. Working with animals isn’t always an easy task, however, and Bay reported that the day of Nitro’s big appearance was one of his most tense days on set.

7 Government agencies get involved

Keir O'Donnell as FBI Agent Anson Clark exiting the vehicle and talking on the phone

Action movies always seem to kick things up a notch whenever the government gets involved. Michael Bay certainly seems to realize this, having such a plot point occur in almost every one of his films. Whether through the Army, Navy, Marines, or FBI, a major government organization is almost guaranteed to show up at some point before the film ends.

The FBI plays a major role in Ambulance, as they work with various other law enforcement groups to bring Danny and Will Sharp to justice. Unlike many other action films with underlying themes about the country as a whole, government agents in this film are portrayed in a generally positive light, proving to be certain of Ambulancethe bravest characters.

6 Overabundance of vehicles

ambulance cast

Michael Bay likes to use as many vehicles as possible in his movies, including what is quite possibly Michael Bay’s most famous franchise, Transformers, which features perhaps more vehicles than any other movie franchise in history. And, as is inevitable in many action films, with so many vehicles on set, a car chase will inevitably occur at some point in the film.

Ambulance follows this trend to the letter and, in fact, expands on the idea, having a car continue the very plot of the film itself. Ambulance is essentially a two-hour car chase, with minor intermissions between set pieces. Other than Transformersthis might be the film that most glorifies Bay’s love of cars.

5 Slow motion

ambulance cast and character guide

Many directors have a penchant for including slow motion in their action scenes, and Michael Bay is no exception to this tempting trick. Although he may not be as avid user of this technique as directors like Zach Snyder, Bay is reliable enough to include a slow-motion shot or two dotted throughout each of his films.

Ambulance features a number of slow-motion shots, each intended to heighten the drama of a particular action scene. Perhaps the most memorable uses of slow motion include the film’s climactic scenes in the gang’s hideout and in the hospital parking lot, both of which include groundbreaking events for the characters involved, with the audience given the opportunity to slow down and to see the events unfold before their eyes in excruciating detail.

4 bad dialog

Bay certainly knows how to reliably deliver fun action in her films, but other aspects of filmmaking are often overlooked in the pursuit of an exciting series of action scenes. As is the case with many Michael Bay action hits, the dialogue in Ambulance is not quite on the same level as the action.

The disparity between the quality of the acting and the quality of the writing is most evident in the early scenes of the film, where little action has yet taken place. In the absence of excitement, the writing is far more in the public consciousness and seems clumsy, unnatural and, at times, quite silly, though its flaws are compensated for by Ambulanceof stars, who sell their ranges as best they can.

3 Gunshots Galore

Ambulance by Michael BayJake Gyllenhaal

A lot of good action movies get along pretty well with little to no use of guns. This, however, would be unheard of in a film directed by Michael Bay. The director’s projects often go all out when it comes to gunfire, using as many guns and as many bullets as physically possible.

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Ambulance has a particular scene in which this mark is clearly displayed. When Danny and Will’s heist goes awry and they’re raided by the police, there’s about five minutes of screen time where bullets are constantly being fired. As the brothers attempt to escape, the criminals and cops involved in the day’s events easily eat up several hundred bullets in just minutes.

2 Helicopters

Michael's Bay Ambulance

Similar to his love of including road vehicles in his film, Michael Bay is also quite fond of launching a helicopter or two in his action scenes. This certainly comes into play in Ambulanceas the authorities call in several aerial devices to help them bring down the Sharp brothers.

A part of AmbulanceThe tensest scenes include the helicopters, as Danny and Will must find a way to escape their ever-watchful eye. It turns out the inclusion of helicopters also heightens the onset of tension, creating some absolutely crazy behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Ambulance.

1 Explosions!

Michael Bay says he's destroyed the most vehicles of any filmmaker

Perhaps Michael Bay’s best-known trademark is his love of explosions, which has often led audiences to believe that he uses them excessively in his films, finding every possible excuse to blow something up. , especially if he can do so using practical effects.

Ambulance has a surprisingly small amount of fiery explosions for a Michael Bay movie, but it’s certainly not completely devoid of such thrill. Several scenes include cars exploding amid the chase through Los Angeles, and a climactic scene features Danny and Will’s associates bombarding law enforcement on the brothers’ story in order to help them get away with it. escape. So while there are few major explosions in the film, the ones Bay includes are really important in the context of the story.

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