Album Review: Band of Horses – Things Are Right

Album Review: Band of Horses - Things Are Right

A wonderfully familiar sound

Ending their musical hiatus, Band of Horses recently released their latest album, things are big. As if time hadn’t passed, the band bring back all the amazing aerial vibes found in their past records.

This Seattle, Washington group was founded in 2004 by founder Ben Bridwell and has gone through several changes since then, with members joining and leaving. Current members are Bridwell, Ryan Monroe, Creighton Barrett, Matt Gentling and Brett Nash. things are big is the band’s sixth album, the first since their release in 2016, Why are you okay.

Soothing, sonorous electric guitar greets the ears on the first track, “Warning Signs.” This launch track epitomizes everything fans have come to love about Band of Horses. There’s grit, but also that lovely lightness of the guitar, joined by flowing drums that all tie in with the stretched vocal lines.

An off-disc single, “Crutch” is a nice bouncing jump, creating fake happiness with the upbeat instrumentation. The lyrics, however, seem to paint a much darker message. They sing about a man who finds himself building a “crutch” on a person, and all the pills in his pocket. The moment the vocals come in, the song instantly becomes etched in the mind. Be careful, long after the end of the song, you can find yourself still humming the hook.

“In Need of Repair” slows down the tempo but still retains the same mind-blowing vibe the band are so good at. There’s a simplicity to the instrumentation that’s comforting enough, but there’s an apparent precision to every note.

“Aftermath” follows behind and continues the tempo of the ballad. The voices howl with a graceful somberness that envelops, somehow clears the mind. Even as a slower track, “Aftermath” still holds sweet power as it falls into the closing minute.

The closing of this celestial disc is “Coalinga”. Ending on a strong note, this track keeps the power upbeat, bringing every element heard on the record into one final final encore. There’s a perfect balance between everything playing wonderfully together, blending the ups and downs with the gritty guitar and smooth percussion.

Band of Horses once again bring to the table an amazing combination of power and vibe that they have consistently created since their debut album. things are big start to finish is filled with tracks that allow the mind to escape from reality during its 41 minute runtime.


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