7 best movie companions we forgot

Like Watson to Holmes, Samwise to Frodo, or BB8 to Rey, every hero needs a sidekick. There are many notable supporting characters over the decades, but there are just as many who go unnoticed or unrecognized in the grand scheme of things. While rarely at the center of the big screen, these friends, siblings, strangers, and children make the difference depending on whether the hero of the film succeeds or fails.

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These characters lack the glitz and glamor of a leading role, but their contribution and dedication to solving the problem makes them worthy of not being forgotten.

Joshamee Gibbs – “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003-2017)


Whatever Jack Sparrow Rabbit Hole (Johnny depp) is about to fall, Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin mcnally) is always right behind. The voice of pirate lore, Mr. Gibbs is responsible for bringing the film’s exhibition to life for the public.

Not much is known about this pirate historian, other than a little glimpse into his days in the Royal Navy at the opening of The curse of the black pearl. A survivor, Gibbs is one of the few characters to survive and appears in all five films.


Mellie Logan – ‘Lucky Logan’ (2017)

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Beauty, intelligence, and muscular cars are three perks of having a sister like Mellie (Riley keough) while trying to rob the Coca-Cola 600. A strong, feminine Getaway Driver is exactly what the heist called. She is able not only to do her part in transporting Joe Bang (Daniel craig) and his brother Clyde (masterfully played by Adam Pilot), but she still arrives in time to finish her niece’s hair for the contest.

The youngest of the Logan siblings, Mellie’s cum chewing gum makes her an admirable sidekick and crucial to a successful robbery.

Bernard – ‘Father Christmas 1 & 2’ (1994 & 2002)


The keeper of all the knowledge and history of Santa Claus, Bernard (David Krumholtz), is the right arm of the big one. Helping Santa Claus / Scott Calvin (Tim allen) for two of the three films, Bernard’s expertise helps ensure that the major transitions in his life run smoothly.

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His apparent worry and constant worry shows that he cares deeply about the magic of Christmas and will do whatever he can to keep the North Pole on track. His presence was missed by fans in the third installment, with the role of chief elf taken on by Curtis (Spencer breslin).

Frenchy – ‘Grease’ (1978)

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This beauty school dropout is the original hype woman of the 1950s. Member of the Pink Ladies girl gang, Frenchy (Didi Conn) takes Sandy (Olivia newton-john) under his wing and help him overcome the difficulties of romance in high school.

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As a sidekick, her character has her own arc as she tries to grow up quickly by dropping out of high school for beauty school. A shoulder to cry on, counselor and confidence booster, Frenchy deserves to be recognized as one of cinema’s underrated best friends.

Paul – “It follows” (2014)

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Maybe it’s because he loves her or because he’s a good friend, anyway, Paul (Keir gilchrist) embodies all the qualities of a modern day sidekick. Never judging or casting doubt on his friend, Paul thinks Jay (Maika monroe) when she confesses that she is being followed by an almost invisible demon.

He ultimately risks his own life and safety when he lets her pass the demon on to him and attempts to pass it on to someone else. The couple eventually reunite, bound by the trauma of harboring the demon and the possibility of him returning.

Matt Hooper – “Jaws” (1975)

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Where the hero is lacking, the sidekick provides. Oceanographic Institute marine biologist Matt Hooper (Richard dreyfuss) is called in to help with the shark attacks plaguing Amity Island. While his knowledge and background is crucial, his character is often overshadowed by Quint’s dominant personality (Robert shaw).

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Instead of becoming an antagonist and wanting to save the shark (as experts tend to do in the name of science), Hooper survives the final battle with the shark and surfaces after his explosive death. Collecting material, like a good supporting character, he helps the hero, Chief Brody (Roy Schneider), swim at home.

Holly March – “The Gentiles” (2016)

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It is almost impossible to distinguish who is responsible between Holland March private investigators (Ryan gosling) and Jackson Healy (Russel crowe). Leave March’s daughter, Holly (Angouria rice) to keep these two on track.

What makes this character special is his ability to help solve the case while having the best interests of everyone, including the bad guys, at heart. Keeping her father on track and Healy’s moral compass pointing north, Holly is a key player in the investigation just like any character.

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