Volunteers Needed!

A team of volunteers that has worked on the Monroe Swift Watch Project for the past several years invites anyone interested in participating to come join the fun during this year’s spring migration!

The Monroe Swift Watch team is comprised of a group of volunteer “citizen-scientists” who – along with a whole team of folks up and down the migratory flyway – gather data for scientific research on the little-known Vaux’s swift and who educate the public, and students, about this little bird.

Volunteers are needed to help count the swifts as they enter the chimney each night during the spring migration. The number of hours that each counter volunteers depends entirely on each person’s availability, usually just one evening every week or two. Any help will be much appreciated and training will be provided.

We also need volunteer docents who, after training, will welcome visitors and provide information about the Vaux’s swifts in the evening during the first few weeks of September. Many docents enjoy participating in Swift Night Out in September also. The number of hours that each docent volunteers depends entirely on each person’s availability.

A get-together to discuss the latest news about the Vaux’s swifts and to train new docents and new counters is held at the beginning of each migration at the Wagner Center chimney, on Main Street between Kelsey and Dickinson, in Monroe.

If you are interested in being part of the Monroe Swift Watch team this year, please join us as we keep the spirit and the science going for another rewarding year. Everyone is welcome, so come on by and join the fun.

For further information, contact Susie Schaefer, Monroe Swift Watch, at susie.schaefer@comcast.net or 425-771-8165.

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