Flyway Count 2010

Here are all the counts for Fall 2010 (in reverse chronology) – showing where, who, and how many swifts.

Really Not Big Saturday (#7), October 9, 2010

San Rafael McNear Brick            R. Scalf                               6,320
LA Chester                                      J. Chapman                       6,340

Not Big Saturday (#6), October 2, 2010

Sumas Customs                       S. Howard                                   0
Monroe Wagner                      B. Kaufman                                 0
Selleck                                       L. Schwitters                               0


Rio Lindo
San Rafael McNear Brick            R. Scalf                               6,030
LA Chester
San Diego

Total                                                                                              6,030           VASW

Not so Big Saturday (#5), September 25, 2010

Message from Dr. Swift:
We are missing a lot of swifts.   It was warm in California Saturday.  What’s chances the swifts spent the night on the wing?  Who wants to check on the wind direction for Big Saturday Not?

Sumas Customs                       S. Howard                                   68
Monroe Wagner                      D. MacRae/B. Kaufman          850
Selleck                                        L. Schwitters                             310
Yakima News                            G. Bohn/R. Repp                      165
Camas Tavern                           J. Durgin                                       0

Portland Chapman                    E. Griffin                                 5,500
Eugene Sacred                            Nicole N-P                              4,000

Rio Lindo                                     B. Benson                               1,300
San Rafael McNear Brick         M. Ruffo                                  8,000 (Fri)
LA Chester                                   M. Sylbert/J. Chapman          750
San Diego                                     C. Adler                                       95

Total                                                                                             21,038 VASW

Not so Big Saturday (#4), September 18, 2010

Sumas Customs                       S. Howard                                      86
Old N State Hosp.                   T. Manns/B. Cunningham     4,700
Monroe Wagner                      D. MacRae/B. Kaufman         4,800
Monroe Administration        C./C. Young                                       0
Selleck                                       L. Schwitters                             1,920
Bieker Residence                     L/W Bieker                                       0
Steigewald Office                     J. Durgin                                           0
Ellensburg                                 J. Demorest                                      0
Yakima Herald News              R. Repp                                              0
Fort Lewis JBLM Stack          Diane Y-Q                                 3,400

Moscow downtown                 T.Gray                                               0

Rainier, DT                               D. Whipple                                1,315
Oregon City, Main St
Portland Chapman                                                                        x (rained out)
Duniway                          No swifts this migration
Eugene Sacred
Eugene Agate                                      ?                                        5,520 (Fri count)
Silverton 1st St                                                                               1,160
Prineville                                                                                              1  (Sun count)

San Rafiel Brick Stacks          M. Rufo                                   10,000 <– NEW site!
Rio Lindo                                   Report to B. Benson              11,500
Los Angeles, Chester Bldg.    J. Chapman/M. Sylbert              885

Total                                                                                             45,286
(Includes the Eugene count on Friday)

Big Saturday #3:  September 11, 2010

Message from Larry (aka Dr. Swift): Last year’s one day high counts were:
– In 2008 our Southbound Monster Saturday bagged 47,170.
– In 2009 our Southbound best day combined count was 46,932.
We are up to 48,772 all ready, and should top 60,000.

Must have been a front pushing them down and another stopping them in Central Washington producing all time highs for 4 different sites.  So far the star of the show has been little Selleck where we have  tucked in 37,482 of the little guys in the last 3 days.

Well done birds and bird counters!

Valemont                                    R. Chipeniuk                             0
Cumberland                              D/A Routledge                           0

Sumas Customs                       J/M. Rawlings-S. Howard   3,650 (averaged)*
Orient School                           W. Current                                    5
Old N State Hosp.                    S. Madsen/J. Johnson           5,950*
Monroe Wagner                      D. MacRae                                  389
Monroe Administration        S. Schaefer                                6,153*
Selleck                                        B. Stallcop                               17,591* <–WOW!
Bieker Residence                    L/W Bieker                                  0
Centralia                                    R. Moyer
Olympia Gov Stevens St        W. Johnson                                 500  (Fri)
Camas Tav                                 J. Durgin                                        0
Ellensburg                                 J. Demorest                                145
Yakima Herald News              G/E Bohn                                  1,279
Parker School                            R. Repp                                         0
Fort Lewis JBLM Stack
Stiegerwald NWR Office

Kalispell, Montana Build.      D/C Casey                                   251
Hamilton Fire Hall      R. Stover/R. van Open/E. Hewitt      12

Lapwai Old School House     S/C Hudson                                715
Lapwai Officers Quarters      T/C Gray                                     150

Rainier, DT                                D. Whipple                                 1,342
Oregon City, Main St               J. St Clair                                    3,657
Chapman                                        ?                                               8,650
Oregon City
Eugene Sacred                               ?                                                620
Eugene Agate                            Maeve Sowles                          5,000 (Fri)
Junction City                               Nicole N-P                                       75
Bend Christmas P.                    K. Boddie                                     110
Monroe  Elm School                W. Wright                                    180
Corvallis Whiteside (#1)         M. Garrard                                    60
Corvallis Whiteside (#2)         D. Baird                                        135
Corvallis 6th& WA                      M. Garrard                                 110  (Fri)
Bend Christmas P.                    K. Boddie                                     110
Silverton 1st st                          J/ Thomas                                     485
Roseburg Pottery Shed          D/E Paulson                                626
Lebanon Hotel                                   ?                                               4

Humbolt Co. Redwood            D. Fix                                            1610
Arcata, Grist Hall, HSU            C. Moyer                                         0
Arcata, 7th & A                            K, Burton                                     118
Gaberville                                    S. Jay                                               1
Rio Lindo                                     B. Benson                                 6  (400 on 9/12)
Los Angeles, Chester Bldg.     J. Chapman/M. Sylbert           5,880
San Diego                                    C. Adler                                           71 (Fri)

Mesa                                              J. Miller                                            1

* Record high counts.

Big Saturday #2:  September 4, 2010

Cumberland                              D/A Routledge                           1

Sumas Customs                        S. Howard                                   850
Old N State Hosp.                    K.W./B.C./T. Manns              4,200
Monroe Wagner                      D. MacRae/B. Kaufman       12,200 <– Our Chimney!
Monroe Administration        C. Young                                        0
Selleck                                        L. Schwitters                            2,000
Bieker Residence                    L/W Bieker                                  0
Centralia                                    R. Moyer                                     300
Camas Tav                                 J. Durgin                                        0
Ellensburg                                 G. Sorenson                               296
Yakima News                            C/E Bohn/R. Repp                1,662
Parker School                          R. Repp                                     1,138 (9/5)
Fort Lewis JBLM Stack          S. Freed                                    3,200 (9/7)
Onalaska Carlisle Stack          R. Moyer                                      0*
Stiegerwald NWR Office         D. Miller                                     13

Moscow  DT                              T. Gray                                           0*
Lapwai                                       T. Gray                                          54
Bonners Ferry DT                   J. Demorest                                 50*

Chapman                                 K. Robillard                                3,400
Oregon City
Eugene Sacred                         Nicole N-P                                   200?
Eugene Agate                           Nicole N-P                                  12,000

Rio Lindo                                      B. Benson                                      0
San Diego                                    C. Adler                                           0

Big Sat #1:  August 28, 2010

1. Selleck Old Schoolhouse    L. Schwitters            822
2. Ellensburg Old Hospital    J. Demorest              246
3. Monroe Adm. Building      C. Young                        2
4. Monroe Wagner      D. MacRae/B. Kaufman   3,950 <– Our Chimney!
5. Sedro Wooley ONSH*     S. Madsen                  2,626
6. Orient School                    W. Current                   146 (Sunday count)
7. Sumas Old Customs House    S.  Howard             78
8. Yakima Herald News           R. Repp                  1,041
9.  Wapato Sawyer Mansion   R. Repp                    497 (Sunday count)

1. Moscow Downtown            T. Gray                         22

1. Nelson EC Church                    I. Manley
2. Cumberland, Vancouver, Is  D./A. Routledge    93

1. Hamilton Fire Hall               K. Stone                      24

1. Chapman                              M. Coolidge                 200
2. Bend (Christmas Presence)   K. Bodie                  102
3. Eugene Old Sacred Heart       R. Ahrens            2,035
4.  Eugene Agate Hall                  B. Combs                     3

1. Rio Lindo                           B. Benson                             0  Previous

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