Inspired by the Swifts

Swifts just bring out the best in us.

Some poeple are inspired to draw, photograph, or paint the swifts and the chimney.  Several art pieces have been donated to us by community members.   Here’s one example from our 2011 Swift Night Out Poster:

Others are motivated to write poetry or tell us stories. Here’s a poem by Cathy Clark, one of our intrepid volunteers:

Frank Wagner Element’ry School is tucked in for the night.
Tomorrow all the kids arrive to learn to read and write.
Above the roof the Vaux’s Swifts are winging high in flight.
Some spectators are gathered now-children and old folks, too.
No crows tonight do dine from this Chaetura Vauxi* stew.
And when a starling dares to land, the swifts escort him through.
As sunset pinks the western sky, do swift phalanxes soar.
“Thick and fast they [come] at last, & more & more & more.”**
All plunging down that chimney top, as often aft as fore.
How can it be, that so many small birds this chimney fit?
Eight decades old and now repaired with steel-edged retrofit.
A world-wide wonder, surely, this – we see but part of it.

*Chaetura Vauxi is the scientific name for Vaux’s Swifts
** From Lewis Carroll’s The Walrus and the Carpenter

If you have visual art, or a poem, or any other inspiration from the swifts, please send it our way – we’d love to share them!

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